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Oxycodone. the Opioid Epidemic

Tackling the Opioid Epidemic

PAIN. Be it physical, mental or emotional, pain is the number one reason people seek medication, legal or illegal. On average, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. The root of the problem is pain. In his early 20s, Alex Miles began experiencing... Continue Reading

Those with Celiac Disease follow a gluten-free diet

Celiac Disease: Going Against the Grain

Long considered relatively rare, celiac disease is now recognized as one of the more common lifelong ailments, affecting an estimated 3 million people in the United States. An autoimmune condition, it's triggered by the ingestion of gluten, a protein component in... Continue Reading

Study aims to assist suicidal veterans.

Study Aims to Assist Suicidal Veterans

"When you get home from combat or when you get out of the service, if you need help, you should not feel ashamed to seek it. The culture needs to change. Military members should be encouraged to develop healthy habits and reflect on..." Continue Reading

A young girl with a toothbrush smiling.

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Everyone knows that children should brush their teeth daily and see a dentist every six months to make sure their teeth are in tiptop shape. But there's more to keeping a child's teeth healthy now and when they get older. Dental decay is the most common chronic... Continue Reading

Graphic of germs standing around looking mean. Germs Are Here to Stay.

Germs Are Here to Stay

Microbes — colloquially "germs" — are the smallest form of life on earth, visible only under a microscope. Tiny but powerful, there are thousands of different bacterial species colonizing the average human body. Additionally, the ratio of human to bacterial cells... Continue Reading

Daniel Cole with family, doctors and medical staff

Daniel Cole: Heart Transplant Survivor

Daniel Cole is not a normal 25-year-old. His family has a history of heart disease, and, by his mid-20s, his heart had been weakened to the point where it was no longer strong enough to sustain his life. To further complicate matters, he also has muscular... Continue Reading

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An Amada Senior caregiver with a senior on a bridge looking at a marsh in South Carolina

Amada Senior Care's Resources Ease the Strain of Aging

Acting as consultants and providers of in-home care services, Amada helps "take the edge off aging," Cheryl explained. "The first thing we do is meet with you to help determine what you and your loved ones need. We try to answer the question of where are you now and how can we..." Continue Reading

Senior couple running on the beach. On the Quest to a Better Life. Better Life Carolinas Seeks to Optimize Wellness.

Better Life Carolinas Seeks to Optimize Wellness

"Better living" is always a great idea, although it means different things to different people. However, at Better Life Carolinas, that two-word concept is at the heart of its mission to optimize wellness through healthy aging. The medical professionals and support staff at... Continue Reading

Senior care - a young caregiver shares a smile with an elderly patient

A Need for Quality Caregivers

Employee turnover is a natural part of doing business in any industry. But when it comes to senior care, the rate of turnover can be as high as 60 percent. With statistics like this, it's crucial for senior care providers to find the very best employees they... Continue Reading

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