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Better Sleep: The Secret is Out (Like a Light)

The secret to good sleep is out (like a light).

How to obtain a good night's rest is one riddle most of us are constantly trying to unravel. We've all read articles on the internet and in whatever magazines we choose to subscribe to – we know the advice. Do we really need to establish an early bedtime, invest in black-out curtains, avoid cocktails and subject ourselves to a life of regimentation, all for the sake of not...

Take a Breath: Ways to Manage Our Daily Stress

Take a Breath: Ways to Manage Our Daily Stress

In May, my husband and daughter gave me an Apple Watch for my birthday. It has all sorts of bells and whistles, including a built-in app that reminds me to breathe. Seriously? I’m running a...

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Charleston, South Carolina Physicians & Practices

The Facial Surgery Center Restores Youthful Glows with Brow Lifts

A Subtle Lift Makes All the Difference. The Facial Surgery Center Restores Youthful Glows With Brow Lifts

It begins to happen in your 30s. You’ll start to notice it in small ways, like when applying eye shadow. All of a sudden, you can’t see the eye shadow like you used to. It’s your brow and it’s drooping, and, although it isn’t the most noticeable sign of aging...

Let Waypoint Show You the Way

Let Waypoint Show You the Way. Waypoint Recovery Center, North Charleston, SC.

If you have ever had a friend or family member struggle with substance use disorder, you know how important it is to find quality care and support. Waypoint Recovery Center now offers an inpatient option for those dealing with...

Think Eye Safety During a Solar Eclipse

Eye safety during a solar eclipse

As the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, many people will be tempted to look up to view a spectacular event that only nature can provide – but, if you do, your eyes will need to be protected. We spoke to Dr. Katie...

The Pulse on Charleston Nurses

The Pulse on Charleston Nurses

We have partnered with the MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA COLLEGE OF NURSING to highlight some of the Lowcountry’s top nurses. HealthLinks Charleston wants to recognize nurses as the backbone of our medical community and...

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Charleston, South Carolina Local Hospitals

Medical University of South Carolina Hospital

MUSC thumbnail

One of the first medical schools in the United States was built in 1824 in Charleston, South Carolina. The Medical University Of South Carolina (MUSC) was a private medical college that was and remains today as not only an excellent healthcare facility...

East Cooper Medical Center, Mt Pleasant, SC

East Cooper Medical Center thumbnail

We provide a number of services including 24-hour emergency care, women's and children's services, diagnostic imaging and interventional services, orthopedics, sports medicine, pain care, adult and pediatric rehabilitation services...

Roper St. Francis Mt Pleasant

Roper St. Francis thumbnail

Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital was built with the local community in mind. In operation since November 2010, the 85-bed hospital is located just off Highway 17 North near Wando High School. “We are truly a community-centered...”

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