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Article image for Medical Helicopters Deliver Speedy Care

Medical Helicopters Deliver Speedy Care

“No traffic and 140 miles per hour makes a big difference.” When it comes to medical emergencies, that difference can mean life or death. Helicopter pilot David Ellis knows from experience. “We run like a fire department. We have a nurse, pilot and medic... Continue Reading

The Human Brain: Understanding Epilepsy

Understanding Epilepsy

When Karen St. Marie's son, Erick Gordon, was diagnosed with epilepsy, she saw it as an important opportunity to reach out to the community of people who struggle with the disease – and even those who don't. Spreading education, awareness and support became the... Continue Reading

How you eat holiday candies can be as important as which candies you eat. Read the article for details ... save your teeth :)

Prevent Tooth Decay on Halloween

My younger brother Stevie had Halloween candy until Easter and Easter candy until Halloween. That would not have been the case had I been able to uncover his stash, try as I did. Frustrated with my inability to locate and raid his trove, I'd ravage... Continue Reading

A youg woman with hair loss due to chemotherapy

Is Chemo Necessary for Breast Cancer?

As physicians learn more about the makeup of breast cancer cells, longtime ideas about how to treat breast cancer are shifting. The type of breast cancer cells is driving treatment plans and leading breast cancer doctors to forgo chemotherapy in some instances. Dr. Jennifer... Continue Reading

Photo for article - "Cervical Cancer: The Importance of Prevention and Early Detection"

Preventing Cervical Cancer

The incidence of cervical cancer, once one of the most common causes of death in women, has dropped by 70 percent in the past 30 years, primarily because of the screening test known as the pap smear. However, Dr. Jacqueline Moore of Women's Health Partners pointed out... Continue Reading

Graphic for hospital disaster preparedness

Emergency Room Disaster Preparedness

We all know what a hospital emergency room – an ER – is. It's the first place you turn to for medical attention when a personal disaster strikes. But what if a catastrophe, natural or man-made – such as a hurricane or a mass shooting – forced all of our hospitals... Continue Reading

A therapy dog in a hospital with a young patient

A Dog's Purpose

Some dogs undergo extensive training so they will be able to complete tasks that people can't handle themselves, while others help out simply by being dogs. There obviously is a distinct difference between service dogs and therapy dogs, but the end result is... Continue Reading

Complementary Medicine article image

Complementary Medicine

Western medicine evolves. Seeing patients as a collection of symptoms and diseases to be cured is giving way to a more preventive method of keeping them well through lifestyle changes. This holistic approach has long been used by Eastern... Continue Reading

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An elderly woman gets advice - patient advocacy explores options

Amada Helps Seniors With Planning

Planning for the future comes naturally for some. For others, it is a bit more complex, especially as life's challenges unfold – even more so when health care related concerns start to take center stage and life's uncertainties arise. As we age, planning for... Continue Reading

Patient in a dentist's chair

Dentists Giving Back at Smiling Oak Dentistry

Dr. Bethany Harbin is no stranger to the concept of volunteerism. Summer 2017, for example, found the busy dentist in Jamaica – and she wasn't working on her tan. Instead, she spent a week treating locals, many of whom hadn't seen a dentist "in a... Continue Reading

A happy elderly woman enjoys in home care

Quality In-Home Care at Bishop Gadsden

Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community's established BG Connections is the ideal provider for those in the Charleston area looking for in-home health care. The program, developed to offer another option to those who have difficulty caring for... Continue Reading

Happy couple has won the battle against erectile dysfunction

A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

"Hey Doc, there's just one more thing. It's nothing really, but..." is how many appointments Dr. Stuart Markovitz had with his male patients would end prior to his retiring as a general internist and coming back as a specialist in men's... Continue Reading

The good news is that according to a study published in January 2017 by Dr. Kenneth M. Langa in the Journal of the American Medical Association, dementia in Americans 65 and older is on the decline.

Assisting with Memory Loss at The Crossings

The good news is that according to a study published in January 2017 by Dr. Kenneth M. Langa in the Journal of the American Medical Association, dementia in Americans 65 and older is on the decline. The bad news is that despite the drop in numbers, dementia... Continue Reading

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