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A woman getting a botox injection

The Other Uses for Botox

We all know how Botox injections can help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that Botox can actually help you combat other ailments and some annoying, yet normal, bodily issues? Everything from migraines... Continue Reading

A jar of kombucha

Kombucha's Healing Powers

When Jonathan Cox was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in his teens, his quest for better health led him to fermented foods and eventually kombucha, a bubbly fermented "mushroom tea." After years of experimenting and brewing his own... Continue Reading

Graphic: IBS pain - the digestive tract in barbed wire

Managing IBS

Whether you go too little or not enough, experience bloating or pain or just never know when you’ll be surprised with an onset, irritable bowel syndrome can be a major frustration for those who are affected by it.... Continue Reading

Anton Gunn, chief diversity officer at MUSC Health; Kellye McKenzie, director of health at Trident United Way; and Mark Dickson, vice president of mission at Roper St. Francis Healthcare, are representatives of Healthy Tri-County's three core partners.

Healthy Tri-County

The ultimate long-term goal of Healthy Tri-County is to improve the overall health of our local community. It all started in the spring of 2016, when Roper St. Francis Healthcare conducted its second Community Health Needs Assessment, partnering with Trident... Continue Reading

Peer Support Specialist Tyrone Jarmon, left, talks with veteran Gary Chapman.

Support for our Peers at the VA

Jarmon said that peer support is just one piece of the puzzle in the VA’s STAR program. They offer addiction-trained psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers as well. But peer support is a very important aspect of the program because it gives veterans... Continue Reading

TAAA Building on Leeds Place West in North Charleston

Providing Much Needed Respite for Caregivers

When talking about caregiver respite, Linda Naert, program developer with Trident Area Agency on Aging (TAAA), said, “We all know a caregiver.” And, locally, the odds are definitely quite good that we do. TAAA reported that since July 1, 2018, they have... Continue Reading

Alexi Downing - A Journey of Persistence, Love and Faith

A Journey of Persistence, Love and Faith

In many ways, Alexi Downing is a typical teen. She loves the beach, riding her bike and listening to music. She's sweet and sassy said Alexi's mom, Angela Downing. She’s determined. These traits have helped the 13-year-old girl, now living in Mount Pleasant,... Continue Reading

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A woman with skin allergy scratcing her neck

Finding Hidden Allergies

If you are one of the 50 million Americans struggling with yearly allergies, you already know about the usual culprits. Here are some lesser-known offenders worth considering, as well as some surprising new information about penicillin. Let’s start with... Continue Reading

A chiropractor examines a patient

Chiropractic USA Eases Pain

There’s an epidemic going on. We read about it in magazines and see segments about it on the news. It’s the opioid prescription pain medication epidemic and data shows that the problem is particularly impacting the United States. Dr. Matthew Murrin, a... Continue Reading

A man with hearing loss

Primary Care Physicians Assist with Hearing Loss

Why should you take hearing loss so seriously? Because it becomes a safety concern if, for example, they weren’t able to hear a smoke alarm or someone knocking at their door. Dr. Lori Roses, an audiologist with Palmetto Primary Care Physicians, said that... Continue Reading

A patient discusses treatment options with an orthopedic surgeon

New Location for Lowcountry Orthopaedics

The new office, located at 1951 Clements Ferry Road, opened officially in October 2017. It operates like their other four locations – one each in North Charleston and Moncks Corner and two in Summerville –as a full-service office seeing patients for joint... Continue Reading

A young man getting checked over by hs doctor

Winning Health’s Advice on Concussion

Dr. Andrew McMarlin decided to increase his focus on concussions in his career practice of sports medicine after he was the physician for the major league soccer team in Washington D.C. Dr. McMarlin warned that there are clear indications of a serious head... Continue Reading

Photo of a mother with her young daughter. Care for yourself so you can care for others.

MUSC Stresses the Importance of Self Care

How can you help anyone else if you are in no condition to do so? Isn't it best that you take care of yourself first so that you can help and assist others around you? And so it goes with overall health. How can you be the best mother, father, daughter, son... Continue Reading

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