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Graphic: a woman's eyes fill with tears

The Importance of Tears

Tears are an important part of our culture. From a baby's first wail to sobbing at a romantic drama to wiping an eye at a loved one's death, we all associate these droplets of salt and water with emotion, not necessarily function. Oh, sure, we know that tears spring... Continue Reading

Multiple Sclerosis ribbon graphic

Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cell Therapy

The good news about multiple sclerosis is that it's not in and of itself a death sentence. The bad news is that it usually means an often long lifetime of severe physical, mental and emotional issues while trying a plethora of potential medicines and therapies to keep... Continue Reading

Investigating 5 Popular Diets ... High-Protein Diet, Juicing, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Blood Type Diet, and the Ketogenic Diet

Investigating Five Popular Diets

Dr. Ann Kulze, a local physician, best-selling author and founder and CEO of Just Wellness, LLC, weighed in on some of the buzzed-about diets this year. She has been a featured expert on "The Dr. Oz Show," "Oprah and Friends Radio," Time... Continue Reading

Scale, measuring tape. Lose Weight! Four Weight Loss Success Stories.

Four Weight Loss Success Stories

It's no secret that losing weight will make you feel better and help you live longer. But what's the best way to shed pounds? The common thread among the following four Charleston-area residents is that they all lost weight gradually and they all did so by changing... Continue Reading

A woman with back pain

A Game Plan for Back Pain

More than 80 percent of all Americans will experience low back pain at some point during their lifetime. According to Crow and Willis, the economic impact of low back pain in the United States is estimated at $240 billion annually in terms of treatment costs... Continue Reading

Physical and Occupational Therapies have a lot of overlap between them. These therapists work together or independently to meet a patient's goals and needs.

OTs and PTs – What's the Difference?

This April, tens of thousands of those in the medical community will be celebrated during Occupational Therapy Month. They work with patients in a variety of settings, from schools to home health, hospitals, outpatient clinics and more. Physical therapists work... Continue Reading

Wedding pic: Caroline Mullis and Cole Rakar

Nursery to Nuptials: A Serendipitous Love Story

Even though they started dating in high school, their history began long before that. They both grew up in Mount Pleasant and even went to Moultrie Middle School . I didn't know him well, but I did know we shared the same birthday Mullis said. It wasn't until... Continue Reading

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A Senior couple with a care provider.

Daniel Pointe Stresses the Need to Plan Ahead

Choosing the right people to help care for loved ones or the right place to retire can be a daunting task and one that many more people are faced with as they live longer. While there are a variety of retirement living options around Charleston, one community has been... Continue Reading

A senior man adjusting a modern hearing aid

Hearing Aids Have Come a Long Way

Thankfully, incredible advances in audiology and technology allow the 30 million people affected with hearing loss to remain engaged with others, without the stigma that was formerly attached to hearing aids. Today's hearing aids are so small they're barely... Continue Reading

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