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What's in our water?

What's in Our Water?

"Water, water everywhere ... nor any drop to drink," Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote. The poet could have been thinking of the Lowcountry when he penned those words. That's just what the situation would be here in the wake of a disaster such as a major hurricane. Even surrounded... Continue Reading

The Conformis custom fits and custom makes every knee replacement for each unique patient, using 3D printing technology

3D Printed Knee Replacement: The Perfect Fit

While knee replacements are common, the knee implant itself is unfortunately just as common, offering standard out-of-the-box sizes for a very complex joint that wears and tears differently for every patient. It's also not uncommon for patients... Continue Reading

Article photo for Preventing Skin Cancer Needs to Start Early and Young

Preventing Skin Cancer Needs to Start Early and Young

The diagnosis came fast. So did the surgery and the reconstruction. Larsyn Runion Cross’ melanoma treatment was a long time coming though, and it scarred her – physically and emotionally – for the rest of her life. "I got the diagnosis on a Friday night, and, a week later..." Continue Reading

A woman with abdominal pain caused by Endometriosis

The Affects of Endometriosis

Endometriosis occurs when the normal cells lining the uterus get displaced and spread into the abdomen, fallopian tubes and bowels, causing adhesions and pain said Dr. Stanley Ottinger with Charleston Ob/Gyn. Dr. Ottinger went on to explain that in some cases, the tissue... Continue Reading

Graphic: Inside a colon, for the article Why Not To Be Afraid of a Colonoscopy

Why Not To Be Afraid of Colonoscopy

Cousin Freddy can discuss his sport-related ACL surgery at a family cookout, and Aunt Mary can regale one and all with her recent hip replacement. But let Uncle Joe bring up his colonoscopy and someone will quickly change the subject to, well, just about anything else... Continue Reading

Popular vitamins and how they fit a well-balanced diet

Popular Vitamins

Eating a varied, balanced diet is the first step toward optimal nutrition, but maintaining healthy levels of vitamins and minerals is much easier said than done. Sometimes the scales can be tipped by adding a few key foods into your diet, but, for many people, supplements... Continue Reading

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A technician preparing a patient for a scan

Spend Less on MRI's and CT Scans

Why is shopping around for outpatient radiology important? High-deductible health care plans make it necessary for patients to shop the best possible value. Patients are now responsible for more upfront, out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, patients are now becoming... Continue Reading

Stepping Up Oral Health During Pregnancy

Take Care of Your Teeth While Pregnant

Pregnancy-related gingivitis and periodontitis plague a notable percentage of pregnant women, according to Dr. Dorothy Baker at Summerville Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. "Chronic inflammation can destroy tissue and cause extreme pain, heavy bleeding and even..." Continue Reading

CT Scans - Early Screenings Can Help Beat Cancer

CT Scans to Beat Lung Cancer

"Do you smoke?" is a common question asked of those faced with the diagnosis of lung cancer. Yet, surprising to most, smoking isn't a necessary prerequisite for developing this awful disease. In fact, while statistics attribute 85 to 90 percent of... Continue Reading

Are you looking for the best assisted living community for your loved one? Look no fiurther than Ashley Landing. Located in North Charleston

Ashley Landing Encourages Independence

If you seek the best assisted living community for your loved one, look no further than Ashley Landing. Located in North Charleston, this full-service community combines the comforts of home with daily conveniences and medical services that meet the needs of all residents... Continue Reading

A happy couple hugging

Game-Changer for Men with GAINSWave

Located in Mount Pleasant, the Charleston Men's Clinic specializes exclusively in men's sexual health, including problems with erectile dysfunction, Low-T, premature ejaculation and Peyronie's disease. The clinic has been praised for the expertise and skill... Continue Reading

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