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A young girl with a toothbrush smiling.

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Everyone knows that children should brush their teeth daily and see a dentist every six months to make sure their teeth are in tiptop shape. But there's more to keeping a child's teeth healthy now and when they get older. Dental decay is the most common chronic... Continue Reading

Graphic of germs standing around looking mean. Germs Are Here to Stay.

Germs Are Here to Stay

Microbes — colloquially "germs" — are the smallest form of life on earth, visible only under a microscope. Tiny but powerful, there are thousands of different bacterial species colonizing the average human body. Additionally, the ratio of human to bacterial cells... Continue Reading

Daniel Cole with family, doctors and medical staff

Daniel Cole: Heart Transplant Survivor

Daniel Cole is not a normal 25-year-old. His family has a history of heart disease, and, by his mid-20s, his heart had been weakened to the point where it was no longer strong enough to sustain his life. To further complicate matters, he also has muscular... Continue Reading

A young mother with postpartum depression

Fighting the Stigma of Postpartum Depression

Five years ago, Mount Pleasant mom Elaine DeaKyne went to her obstetrician’s office. She'd given birth to her first daughter two months prior, and DeaKyne wondered if she might have postpartum depression. The nurse asked her a series of questions about... Continue Reading

College of Charleston student Hannah Cramer had no intention of signing up for anything on that sunny day last spring – much less to donate bone marrow

Bone Marrow Donors: Matched for Life

Be the Match is a nonprofit organization that maintains the largest and most diverse bone marrow registry in the world. Also referred to as the National Marrow Donor Program, "BTM is the global leader in bone marrow and umbilical cord blood transplantation..." Continue Reading

Resolving New Year's Resolutions - how do I keep my resolutions?

Resolving New Year's Resolutions

It’s Jan. 1, and, after one last hoorah of goodies, a few too many glasses of bubbly and a couple weeks’ worth of packing on the holiday weight, it’s time to focus. New year; new you. Right? You’ve got big plans to eat healthier and exercise more... Continue Reading

Charleston Health & Welfare Expo 2018

Charleston Health & Welfare Expo 2018

Are you interested in learning how to establish and maintain a lifestyle that will enhance your quality of life now and in the future? Would it be helpful for you to connect with local health care providers with the experience and expertise to guide... Continue Reading

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Untreated Hearing Loss: What You Haven't Heard

Untreated Hearing Loss: What You Haven't Heard

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves often or complain that people are mumbling too much? Can you hear but have difficulty understanding the words? Do you find yourself preferring loud television or radio more than you used to? These... Continue Reading

A tired man sleeping in the grass

The Truth About Sleep Apnea

Today, in addition to running a thriving dental practice, she also operates Sleep Better South Carolina, which she launched four years ago. Her goal is to dispel the myths of a widespread yet underdiagnosed condition and promote health and wellness for her... Continue Reading

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