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A migraine sufferer struggles with the pain of a migraine headache

Providing Relief for Migraine Sufferers

"In high school, I would literally bang my head on the floor to try and stop the pain. I know that sounds nuts," admitted Lisa Berezny, who has suffered with migraines for more than 30 years. Now in her 50s, her classic migraines feel more like... Continue Reading

A frustrated, young girl fights dyslexia.

Seeking Educators for Dyslexic Children

Lindsey Ballenger and her partner, Renee McCaslin are on a mission. Both mothers, they noticed that there was a real need for more professionals who specialized in educating dyslexic children. Together, they co-founded the Orton-Gillingham Center of... Continue Reading

Graphic: A teenager takes her temperature to check for fever

What to Know About Fevers

We all recognize the following scene: A child claims he or she "doesn't feel good," and a concerned parent immediately puts his or her wrist up to the child's forehead to gauge its heat and determine whether a fever is present. A fever, especially in... Continue Reading

Graphic of the ugly flu bug for the article Warding off the Flu

Warding Off the Flu

Every year, the flu epidemic marches on as winter approaches. What's the best way to fight the flu? A good diet? An exercise program? The newest vitamin regimen? The answer may surprise you and its probably suggested by something you've read or maybe your... Continue Reading

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Photo of a mother with her young daughter. Care for yourself so you can care for others.

MUSC Stresses the Importance of Self Care

How can you help anyone else if you are in no condition to do so? Isn't it best that you take care of yourself first so that you can help and assist others around you? And so it goes with overall health. How can you be the best mother, father, daughter, son... Continue Reading

Although research is ongoing, studies have shown a definitive link between hearing loss and dementia.

Hearing Loss and Dementia Go Hand-in-Hand

Although research is ongoing, studies have shown a definitive link between hearing loss and dementia. Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that hearing loss accelerated cognitive decline in older individuals and that seniors with hearing loss were significantly... Continue Reading

An elderly woman recives and a caring homecare professional

Palmetto Family Homecare Assists Caregivers

It's a daunting decision. As a caregiver, it's not easy to come to the realization that you need outside help with your loved ones as they battle a chronic condition. There's guilt, there's fear, there's worry and, on top of all of that, there's tension that... Continue Reading

Could A Reverse Mortgage Make Your Retirement More Enjoyable?

Reverse Your Mortgage with Homegrown Financial

Have you seen any of those celebrity-endorsed ads for reverse mortgages on TV? Perhaps you've wondered if these are gimmicks or sound financial plans. The good news is that they are not gimmicks; in fact, most today are loans insured by the Federal Housing... Continue Reading

A runner massages an injury. What to do? What to do? See CORA Physical Therapy about your running injury!

CORA Physical Therapy Can Help Running Injuries

Running injuries are quite common. According to the National Institutes of Health, the overall yearly incidence rate for running injuries for the average recreational runner is up to 56 percent. About 50 to 75 percent of all running injuries appear to be a... Continue Reading

Summerville Estates frees up its residents so they can do the things they enjoy, like socializing

Summerville Estates Focuses on Being Social

Many residents say being part of an independent living community has encouraged them to become more outgoing and active, says Gloria Burkmier, community manager of Summerville Estates. Residents often organize get-togethers such as shopping trips or movie... Continue Reading

An elderly couple getting advice & assistance

Simply Seniors Offers Peace of Mind

Caring for an elderly family member can feel overwhelming, especially when that family member has a medical condition. Although it may be difficult, sometimes the best thing that can be done for a loved one is to turn to the trained professionals who can... Continue Reading

An active couple smiling on the beach

Cure the Tired Look with Dr. Gene Howard

Droopy and puffy upper and lower eyelids can happen at any age. It starts in the 20s and in people with bad allergies, but gradually gets worse in the 30s and 40s and so on as people age. Dr. Gene Howard says as people age a thin sheet that keeps protective... Continue Reading

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