An elderly woman gets advice - patient advocacy explores options

Amada Helps Seniors With Planning

Planning for the future comes naturally for some. For others, it is a bit more complex, especially as life's challenges unfold – even more so when health care related concerns start to take center stage and life's uncertainties arise. As... Continue Reading

A happy elderly woman enjoys in home care

Quality In-Home Care at Bishop Gadsden

Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community's established BG Connections is the ideal provider for those in the Charleston area looking for in-home health care. The program, developed to offer another option to those who have difficulty... Continue Reading

Happy couple has won the battle against erectile dysfunction

A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

"Hey Doc, there's just one more thing. It's nothing really, but...quot; is how many appointments Dr. Stuart Markovitz had with his male patients would end prior to his retiring as a general internist and coming back as a... Continue Reading

The good news is that according to a study published in January 2017 by Dr. Kenneth M. Langa in the Journal of the American Medical Association, dementia in Americans 65 and older is on the decline.

Assisting with Memory Loss at The Crossings

The good news is that according to a study published in January 2017 by Dr. Kenneth M. Langa in the Journal of the American Medical Association, dementia in Americans 65 and older is on the decline. The bad news is that despite the drop in... Continue Reading

A girl with a sprained ankle

Avoiding & Treating a Sprained Ankle

Imagine an attempt at a graceful pirouette goes badly, a mad dash up a flight of stairs takes an awkward turn or maybe you just trip over your own two feet in the middle of the street. Any of these blunders can lead to an ankle sprain, a common injury that causes... Continue Reading

A husband snores while his wife tried to sleep ... airway health

Airway Health Goes Beyond the Snore

Sure, your spouse snoring away may not be the calming, rhythmic sound you were looking forward to as you drift off to sleep, but perhaps it's actually worth taking a listen to, after all. As it turns out, snoring is just one common sign of potentially serious... Continue Reading

Dental Veneers For a Sparkling Smile. Photo from Northbridge Dental

Dental Veneers For a Sparkling Smile

The saying goes: "Smile because you never know who's watching." But for those who don't like their own smile, their insecurities often hold them back from doing exactly that. From worn-down teeth to discoloration and gaps to chips or cracks... Continue Reading

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