Waypoint Recovery Center offer hope and relieve the stress of seeking sobriety.

If you have ever had a friend or family member struggle with substance use disorder, you know how important it is to find quality care and support. Waypoint Recovery Center now offers an inpatient option for those dealing with this issue, serving the long-term needs of those looking to restore a lifestyle of healthy living.

Opening its doors in June, the newly constructed 35-room residential facility is under the direction of the talented team behind the Waypoint Recovery Center in North Charleston. The new residential facility, located in Cameron, South Carolina, offers a 30-day program based on a holistic approach to healing. Families can rest assured that each patient will get the very best care.

Waypoint Recovery Center’s residential facility, conveniently situated in between Charleston and Columbia, provides easy access for families across South Carolina. The 58-acre property is in a quiet part of Cameron, offering a peaceful, scenic environment, perfect for initiating a journey of recovery.

“We will be able to utilize the natural beauty of the environment for recreational and therapeutic activities,” said Business Development Director Christi Bonham. “We have a unique opportunity to provide treatment in this type of setting. We offer treatment that does not currently exist in South Carolina from qualified, licensed professionals who specialize in addiction treatment.”

Waypoint Recovery Center’s residential facility will include an on-staff medical director who specializes in addiction. The director will utilize the talent and experience of his staff and a psychiatrist to address the patients’ needs. The staff will also include licensed therapists, certified addiction counselors, nurses and recovery associates. All patients will have access to medical and nursing staff throughout the day. Along with the highly specialized staff, the center will also offer patients dedicated peer support from individuals who are in active recovery.

The facility will utilize the principles espoused in 12-step programs that include empirically-based interventions and possibly medication-assisted treatment. This structured, comprehensive program includes daily process group meetings; education about recovery skills and relapse prevention; individual therapy; development of living sober recreational skills; and involvement with the local AA community. Before completion of the program, Waypoint Recovery Center will help patients plan follow-up care at its intensive outpatient program in North Charleston or with their own local resources.

The staff will take each patient’s unique needs into consideration when deciding on treatment.

“We do not limit what we have the ability to offer in treating a complex disease with the known and evidenced practices our professionals are trained for and have dedicated their careers to in their life. Treatment will not be ‘one size fits all,’ and they will be mindful of treating the individual and the needs of the family to help ensure a lasting recovery process,” Bonham said.

Waypoint Recovery Center offers hope and relieve the stress of seeking sobriety. For more information, call 888-978-5188 or visit www.waypointrecoverycenter.com.

By Ashley Mitchell

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