Whole health begins from the inside out, and you’re never too old or too young to get started on the path toward a better life. Dr. Mickey Barber and her experienced team at Better Life Carolinas take an integrative, proactive approach to wellness that is unique to the area in more ways than one.

A resident of South Carolina since the age of 19, Dr. Barber completed her undergraduate education at the College of Charleston. She then went on to medical school at MUSC, with general surgery and anesthesiology residencies at Tulane and Harvard.

Upon returning to the Lowcountry to open her own anesthesiology practice, now in her mid-40s, Dr. Barber suddenly started feeling ill, and she couldn’t figure out why. After months of suffering, she was finally diagnosed with a neuropathy that was slowly shutting her systems down. This was a wake-up call. She knew her passion was no longer inside the fast pace of the operating room but in helping people age well, one patient at a time.

Whole Health from the Inside Out Better Life Carolinas

A blazing trendsetter in bioidentical hormone therapy for men, she started the Cenegenics Carolinas LLC practice in downtown Charleston. After more than a decade, she opened Better Life in March of 2016 with Dr. Randi Popp, who has an extensive background in primary care. Now they get to help patients from 19 to 88 achieve their best health possible.

Dr. Barber’s beautiful new office feels more like a spa than a doctor’s office, offering the latest cutting-edge technology and treatments you won’t find elsewhere.

From nutrition and exercise coaching to stress management and disease prevention, Charleston residents can think of Dr. Barber as their personal health and wellness coach. There are also plenty of services offered a la carte – everything from IV treatments to injections, fillers and more.

One of the most exciting new treatments is peptide therapy, which is not found anywhere else. Better Sun is an injection that gradually tans you from the inside out. Athletes can rebuild ligaments faster with Repair and Recovery, and there’s even an aphrodisiac called Honeymoon. Dr. Barber is thrilled to be the only physician in the area to offer these treatments. She also carries vitamin supplements in a new on-site compounding facility, so patients can get their supplements directly.

Dr. Barber and her team value the importance of being completely accessible and available to patients. Since they don’t accept private insurance, there is no rush, no waiting on the phone or sitting in a busy, stressful waiting room. They are truly dedicated to providing patients with an enjoyable, non-intimidating experience.

Dr. Barber is an excellent proponent of healthy aging, living it every day both in her practice and her personal life. In her spare time, she enjoys golf and working out, being on the water and spending time with her children, stepchildren and grandchildren. She placed in figure competitions in her 50s and plans to continue competing well into her 60s. She said the most rewarding part of her job is working with her amazing team of people every day and seeing real, positive results.

You shouldn’t be alone on your journey toward a Better Life. Let Dr. Mickey Barber help you look and feel young at any age. To learn more, visit www.betterlifecarolinas.com or call 843-972-3090.

By Charlize Burns

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