Michele Hensel, owner of Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa

Business success doesn’t come easy, though the team at Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa has certainly made it look that way.

Michele Hensel, owner of Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa, is a walking testimonial, and her patients respond to that.

“We opened in 2010 after Dr. Hensel, myself and four other people did the hCG weight loss program for ourselves. Between the six of us, we lost over 150 pounds. Our patients kept asking what we did to lose the weight in such a short amount of time. We finally decided that we wanted to be able to help our patients reach their weight loss goals, so we started teaching the hCG program in our office and had so many happy patients that we continued to expand the hCG and other services.”

Patients are indeed happy, and the success of Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa continues to grow through word of mouth. For the second year in a row, it was voted the Best Weight Loss Program by the readers of Mount Pleasant Magazine.

“All of our patients can expect great care and amazing guidance to help them meet their weight-loss goals,” said Hensel. “The success that our patients experience from the services we offer has led to referrals to their friends and family.”

The staff at Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa is careful when treating new patients because they really do care about what is best for each individual patient.

“We always want to make sure we are considering each individual’s needs and choosing the right procedure or plan for them,” explained Hensel. “We don’t want to just ‘sell’ a service. We want to make sure we are making the right choices for each individual.”

Patients often report that Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa go over and above to create pleasant patient experiences. “We don’t just bring our patients into the office, sell them a package and send them on their way. We follow them every step of the way to make sure they get the most of their weight-loss program. We hold our patients accountable and offer them a plan that is designed for each individual’s needs,” said Hensel.

The professional staff at Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa includes three medical aestheticians, two nurse injectors, a weight loss consultant, a medical assistant and a phenomenal ancillary staff, all working together with one goal in mind: patient satisfaction.

Hensel and her staff work hard to stay ahead of the technology curve and have recently introduced a very successful new plan. The 10-Day Reset boosts patients’ metabolism to help them look and feel their best. “We would like to thank all our patients for trusting in us to help them meet their weight-loss goals. We really appreciate your business and all of the referrals over the years. We look forward to helping our patients continue to meet their weight-loss goals, not only taking off the weight but helping with the maintenance of the newly acquired you,” Hensel said.

Lowcountry Beauty and Wellness Spa is located at 1205 Two Island Court in Mount Pleasant. To learn more, visit www.lowcountryplasticsurgery.com or call 843-971-2860.

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