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Cullen Murray-Kemp has a vision to help educate communities on local, pertinent healthcare topics. Cullen feels his job is to influence folks to think proactively rather than reactively about there health because in Cullen's words,"when patients take their health into their into hands this allows for healthier, happier, and more productive lives."

Cullen and his business partner Bill Macchio started HealthLinks Magazine in hopes of simply providing a medium where local healthcare providers could speak directly to community members who need to know about health and medical options local to them.

Before staring HealthLinks, Cullen had a successful college basketball career and focused on journalism while in school. After college, Cullen moved from Maryland to Charleston, South Carolina to write about lifestyle and athletic happenings in the area. One of Cullen's most prideful moments in his journalism career is being published in both The New York Times and The Boston Globe.

Cullen has a deep admiration for writers and journalists which he hopes is evident in the quality contact that is consistently published in HealthLinks Magazines.

As Cullen puts it, "our health is the most valuable thing that we have, being educated on health is vital to being productive and positive people!"

Cullen's Recent Publisher's Notes

Cullen's Pub Note September/October 2018

Inspiration can be captivating. It can drive us to reach goals, challenge norms and improve our lives and the lives of others. Different things and people inspire us in different ways. As a kid, I was inspired by NBA players Ray Allen and LeBron James. As I grew up, I began drawing inspiration from the words of Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. More recently, I've found inspiration in family members and business partners who continue to make me proud despite battling difficult illnesses.

Julian Smith, whom many of you know as the director of the Cooper River Bridge Run, is currently battling cancer. I don't say this lightly: He's kicking ass. Between chemo sessions and various tests and trials, Julian can be found closing deals and giving back to the community as usual. Although undoubtedly exhausted from his bout with the disease, he's maintained a positive outlook and sense of humor.

"I told the doctors: 'Just don't touch the money maker,'" he chuckled, pointing to his face.

Through everything, Julian is relentlessly dedicated to his work and continuing to promote a healthier and more active community here in Charleston.

At home, I draw inspiration from my father, who is in his own battle with Parkinson's disease. When I mentioned to him that I wanted to write about how I'm inspired by his fight against Parkinson's, he deflected.

"What you should be writing about is the Rock Steady Boxing program and our one-year anniversary," he exclaimed.

I tend to agree that Rock Steady Boxing, a mental and physical workout program designed specifically for Parkinson's patients, is amazing. However, the fact that after years and years of very little physical activity my father now works out four or five days a week and has completely dedicated himself to the fight is, to me, inspiring.

Although I am probably biased, I believe our readers will find inspiration through our pages. In this particular issue, we feature Gaige Thigpen in our Unique Case article. Gaige, just 9 years old, is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia with attitude. A natural on the baseball diamond, Gaige has faced his disease with a smile and, according to his physicians, is inspiring other patients and caregivers with his positive attitude, resolve and resilience.

On a final note of excitement – I want to announce that our inaugural edition of HealthLinks Upstate will be coming out in the greater Greenville area this month. We will now be publishing two unique editions of HealthLinks in the Lowcountry and the Upstate. I want to thank all of our partners and readers – without y'all, this never would have happened.

Thanks for reading and cheers to good health!

- Cullen Murray-Kemp

Cullen's Pub Note July/August 2018

Last week, my home cable and internet went out. Despite the fact that the interruption in my technology was soon corrected, I was furious in the moment.

My wife needs to study for an exam. I need to relax and watch "Breaking Bad" on Netflix while simultaneously checking my email for business messages. How can we accomplish these monumental tasks without AT&T functioning at full capacity?

Using my data, I refreshed my email. A note from my friend Michale Latipac propagated onto my screen. He thanked me for sending his organization copies of HealthLinks magazine. Michale is a true crusader who, through his nonprofit organization, "Two Hands One Life," works to educate communities in Uganda about sexual and reproductive health. The people Michale works to educate live in rural villages with limited or no access to the technological luxuries we can't live without.

Recently, Michale's team asked us to send them copies of our publication so they could help educate people who have no current information on how to stay healthy. We did and have since received wonderful feedback from Michale and the communities he serves.

My point is that working with folks like "Two Hands One Life" can really help put things into perspective. What you or I deem to be a challenge here as a firstworld citizen would probably not faze someone living in a rural Ugandan town. Find a way to positively affect other's lives, like we have by sharing HealthLinks in Africa, and I guarantee a sense of gratification that outweighs surfing the internet or watching Netflix.

Now we move to the July/August edition of HealthLinks Charleston that you hold today. In this issue, we cover a wide variety health topics, ranging from a dearth of primary-care providers to how the Lowcountry will see a substantial rise in bugs and ticks this summer.

These are exciting times for us at HealthLinks. Last month we received the Joseph P. Riley award for leadership in health, expanded our efforts to Greenville and reached beyond our borders to another continent. Our mission is always simple: Work collaboratively with physicians and those in the know to provide well-researched health care information that helps improve the lives and health of our readers. That being said, we are always looking to provide better, more thorough information, and, to do so, we need your help. If you know of any health or medically-related stories in the Charleston area, please reach out to us.

We hope our magazine finds you in good health!

- Cullen Murray-Kemp

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