What is a Dentist?

Dentists specialize in the prevention of diseases and the treatment of conditions of the teeth or inside the mouth. They promote oral health and encourage people to have a check-up at a dentist office or dental clinic an average of every six months. Dentists can start seeing patients as young as age one, or when the first teeth start to appear. Family dentistry or pediatric dental visits are encouraged to begin at an early age to teach healthy oral care.

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A husband snores while his wife tried to sleep ... airway health

Airway Health Goes Beyond the Snore

Sure, your spouse snoring away may not be the calming, rhythmic sound you were looking forward to as you drift off to sleep, but perhaps it's actually worth taking a listen to, after all. As it turns out, snoring is just one common sign of potentially... Continue Reading

Dental Veneers For a Sparkling Smile. Photo from Northbridge Dental

Dental Veneers For a Sparkling Smile

The saying goes: "Smile because you never know who's watching." But for those who don't like their own smile, their insecurities often hold them back from doing exactly that. From worn-down teeth to discoloration and gaps to chips or cracks, there's a... Continue Reading

How you eat holiday candies can be as important as which candies you eat. Read the article for details ... save your teeth :)

Prevent Tooth Decay on Halloween

My younger brother Stevie had Halloween candy until Easter and Easter candy until Halloween. That would not have been the case had I been able to uncover his stash, try as I did. Frustrated with my inability to locate and raid his trove, I'd ravage... Continue Reading

Oral health is important to overall health

How Oral Health Is Essential For Overall Health

Looking to get a better insight into your overall health? Turns out you don't have to look very far – just open your mouth and say "ah!" "Often referred to as the 'barometer of the body,' the mouth is the portal that gives us the ability to detect... Continue Reading

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Everyone knows that children should brush their teeth daily and see a dentist every six months to make sure their teeth are in tiptop shape. But there's more to keeping a child's teeth healthy now and when they get older. Dental decay is the most common chronic... Continue Reading

Dr Amanda Seay family dentist, Park West

Dr Amanda Seay, Park West Dentistry

When Dr. Amanda Seay at Park West Dentistry looks at a treatment plan for a patient, it is more than just reacting to the patient's current oral health. She envisions optimal conditions and evaluates based on risk factors through a comprehensive... Continue Reading

Dr. Tim Assey & Dr. John Assey: Assey Dental Associates

Assey Dental Associates, Mt Pleasant

Assey Dental Associates is a model for the adage: "A person should always choose an old doctor and a young dentist.Quot; Father and son dentists, Drs. Tim and John Assey, are double the experience in their profession. Dr. Tim has been in practice for 30-plus... Continue Reading

Pleasant Family Dentistry, Mount Pleasant

Pleasant Family Dentistry, Mount Pleasant

After taking care of the oral health needs of East Cooper residents for almost 25 years, it's clear that Rick Jackowski, DDS, and Greg Johnson, DDS, were in tune with the Mount Pleasant Community. The owners of Pleasant Family Dentistry, they were... Continue Reading

Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, SC

Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, SC

Gone are the days of waiting for dentures, partials or false teeth; instead, you can have secure, comfortable teeth in a matter of hours at Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, which has served area residents since 1989 and has grown with the.. Continue Reading

Mount Pleasant Dentist With Kari A. Ryan, DMD

Interview Your Dentist: With Kari A. Ryan, DMD

Moving to a new area can be a daunting task. You must learn new routes, discover new restaurants and, more important, find a dentist who works for everyone in your family. Dr. Kari Ryan understands and has geared her practice near the I'On neighborhood... Continue Reading

Judy Villanyi, DMD of Life Smiles Dentistry

Life Smiles Dentistry, Mt Pleasant

Dr. Judy Villanyi grew up in her favorite orthodontist's office, learning the ropes as young as 13 years old. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she moved to the Lowcountry at age 3 and now owns her Mount Pleasant practice, Life Smiles Dentistry – a cosmetic, restorative... Continue Reading

Dr Cynthia Garner family dentist, Mt Pleasant

Dr Cynthia Garner, Garner Family Dentistr

Dr. Cynthia Garner has been practicing dentistry, her love and her passion, for 20 years. Her goal is to help people feel good about themselves, and Garner Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant is her pride and joy. There is nothing she enjoys more than... Continue Reading

Rachel Clark of Restorative Arts Dental Lab

Restorative Arts Dental Lab, Charleston

Rachel Clark, the office manager and implant coordinator at Restorative Arts Dental Lab, knows perhaps more about what goes on than anyone else in the building. Since the age of 18, Clark has been deftly coordinating the lab's everyday operations. Restorative... Continue Reading

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