What are Optometrists and Ophthalmologists?

Optometrists examine the eyes for any defects or abnormalities that would affect eyesight. They can diagnose and manage various eye diseases, but any disorders detected outside of their treatment scope are referred to ophthalmologists, who are eye doctors that can perform surgery, laser therapy and can otherwise medically treat eye disease.

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Eye Care Articles

Technology can strain your eyes. Read to find out what you should be aware of and what you can do.

Straining Eyesight with Technology

Whether your eyes are baby blue, hazel, green or brown, there's a good chance that they're spending more time glued to a screen rather than looking at just about anything else. Just take a look around in any public place and you'll see more people staring at their... Continue Reading

Graphic: a woman's eyes fill with tears

The Importance of Tears

Tears are an important part of our culture. From a baby's first wail to sobbing at a romantic drama to wiping an eye at a loved one's death, we all associate these droplets of salt and water with emotion, not necessarily function. Oh, sure, we know that tears spring... Continue Reading

Preferred EyeCare Center, Mt Pleasant

Preferred EyeCare Center: Seeing is Believing

Most people rely on sight to enhance their enjoyment of life from baby-hood well into their senior years. And Dr. Rachael Click at Preferred EyeCare Center wants to be her patients' optometrist for the long haul. According to Dr. Click, who gives... Continue Reading

3D Optometry Mt Pleasant, SC Office

3D Optometry PC, Mt Pleasant Optometry

With a sometimes piercing sun and a nearly year-round allergy season, Lowcountry residents are always on the lookout for optimal eye care. 3D Optometry has successfully provided that service since 2005. Dr. Thomas Mirabile owns the Mount Pleasant... Continue Reading

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