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Vision Care for Life and Living...choose excellence and see the difference. We use our eyes all day. Our vision guides us throughout the day through school, work, sports and other leisure activities. At Draisin Vision Group we are dedicated to helping you maintain the best vision possible for as long as possible. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment helps our doctors evaluate the health of your eyes on an ongoing basis. We provide all services including vision therapy, medical eye treatment such as glaucoma care and dry eye, and contact lenses for all types of prescriptions, including post surgery corneas/ irregular corneas. No matter how old the patient, from infancy to the golden years, you can rest assured that our doctors have the expertise and skills required to take care of your vision needs.

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  • All major medical and vision insurances.

Patient Testimonials

“Before vision therapy Hayden was having problems with reading and reading comprehension as well as focusing on the smart board at school. His self-confidence was low and he didn’t read for enjoyment. During the beginning of his vision therapy program we saw him start to read signs and instructions for his video games. He had never really done that before. His reading and comprehension immediately began improving. Report cards came out last week and we were very pleased. Hayden went up in every subject! He received the Panda Paws pin (award pin for his lanyard) because of his improvement in EVERY subject!!!! There are only a few students that earn this school wide. Last week he also took the Scholastic Reading Inventory that measures his lexile level. Our goal is to get him to 700 by the end of the school year so that he will graduate from the Read 180 program. He is now at 669!!!!!! His level was BR (essentially kindergarten) when we started vision therapy November 2014. He has made such amazing growth. We are so grateful for everyone's effort there. Thank you for being flexible in working with him to encourage him and engage him. This was definitely worth all the effort!!”

“I had a stroke in my right eye and lost 90% of her vision in that eye. Everything went upside down – I felt like I was losing control. I lost my independence and felt out of place. I was fearful to do the things I use to do because I couldn’t see. My world looked different. I was not sure where the ground, steps or curbs were. I stopped cooking because I couldn’t locate things. I didn’t trust myself to use the stove. After vision therapy I gained my independence again. I am no longer fearful doing things. My world looks about 80% back to normal and I am thinking about driving again. I am back to cooking, baking, cleaning, and hanging my clothes on the clothes line outside. I am thankful for vision therapy at Draisin Vision.”

“My visit to Draisin Vision group was wonderful. Their staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I brought my mother for her first visit and she was so impressed. The doctor found some issues with her eyes but helped her to not be fearful about. She left with such a great feeling about the office and her medical condition. When we went to choose our glasses the young lady was so kind and NEVER made us feel rushed. She explained everything to us as we went along in the process and tried to give us guidance when we were not sure of some things. She helped us both pick out glasses that I am sure we are going to love! I have never been dissatisfied with care I have received in this office. Thank you again for all you did for me and my mother yesterday!”

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