What is a Gerontologist?

A gerontologist studies the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging adults. Geriatrics, by contrast, studies diseases of older adults. Gerontology investigates the psychological effects on aging, especially with relationships — socially and physically. They study the lifestyle change related to being an older adult and they help provide services to our ever-increasing aging population.

Gerontology Articles

Graphic: an elderly couple with a good diet. Many things can affect our eating habits as we age.

Our Diet as We Age

Food is consistently a theme that brings people together – nightly with family around the dinner table, meeting friends at a restaurant, holiday meals and more. The importance of food both nutritionally and socially is woven into the... Continue Reading

A mother and her daughter. Secrets to Brighter Golden Years photo

Secrets to Brighter Golden Years

We all want to give our parents or any close older relatives a fulfilling and comfortable experience as they move through the later years of life. But sometimes challenges crop up and make us question exactly how to handle that task.... Continue Reading

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