What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Medicine, or alternative medicine, is known to have healing effects, but the results are not proven or scientific. Some of the treatments are considered unethical among medical doctors. However, holistic medicine does remain popular to explore due to the fact that the practice often requires less chemicals and instead encompasses more natural products and processes. Many patients will try holistic medicine when other forms of medication have failed.

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Holistic/Alternative Articles

A woman stretching after waking up.

The Benefits of Stretching

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to stretch before a jog to help warm up your muscles and prevent injuries during exercise. But who is aware that regular stretching is one of the best things you can do to keep your body healthy, avoid... Continue Reading

CBD oils

CBD's Helpful Uses

Have you heard about CBD oil? Maybe seen it on the shelf at a convenience store, in a vape shop or even at a high-end pharmacy? Perhaps a friend has recommended CBD oil for relief from chronic pain, anxiety or any of a host of other... Continue Reading

A group takes a break from work to meditate.

How Meditation Can Help You

What is meditation, exactly? It’s the act of relaxing your mind by focusing it on something specific, which slows down the brain waves. The term “mindfulness,” often used in conjunction with meditation, simply means being fully... Continue Reading

Complementary Medicine article image

Complementary Medicine

Western medicine evolves. Seeing patients as a collection of symptoms and diseases to be cured is giving way to a more preventive method of keeping them well through lifestyle changes. This holistic approach has long been used by Eastern medicine and, for... Continue Reading

Senior couple running on the beach. On the Quest to a Better Life. Better Life Carolinas Seeks to Optimize Wellness.

Better Life Carolinas Seeks to Optimize Wellness

"Better living" is always a great idea, although it means different things to different people. However, at Better Life Carolinas, that two-word concept is at the heart of its mission to optimize wellness through healthy aging. The medical professionals and... Continue Reading

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