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Our organic US hemp CBD products are laboratory manufactured in-house in Charleston, SC, by a biochemist with extensive experience in Cannabinoid chemistry and compounding. Extreme attention to cleanliness and other good manufacturing practices are the foundation of our operation.

We believe in healthy and sustainable CBD products dosed with consistency and accuracy. Our simple, effective formulations contain minimal ingredients: no sugar, gelatin, or other unwanted components. Vegan / Non-GMO / Gluten-Free. Aside from active ingredients, our Cannacaps are made with a plant fiber capsule/carrier, and our Sensi Sprays are made with MCT oil and natural flavor extracts. That's it!

In an unregulated industry, it is critical for consumers to use reputable CBD manufacturers. Our 99%+ Pure CBD is THC-free and tested for microbials, metals, and pesticides. All ingredients have clean certificates of analysis, and our finished products are 3rd party potency tested. This focus on purity is fundamental to offering our consumers products that are safe for long-term consumption.

Places to Buy Our Products

Please check CBD Carolinas Retailers on our website for the most up-to-date listing of locations.

Insurance Accepted

We do not accept insurance.

Patient Testimonials

This is the first and only thing that has helped with my pain and inflammation. I have spinal, hip, and bursa damage, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on. Doctors have tried everything from medications to surgery and nothing was working. On my worst day of pain, unable to walk without help, I tried Pure. Within 45 minutes I was walking and even dancing around without pain for the first time in over a year. This little natural supplement has changed everything for me and my family


I had already tried CBD in an oil but didn't have much to report but I wanted to try another brand . I tried CBD CAROLINAS not expecting much . Let me give you my back story. I had always been tired even as a young person and certainly was exhausted at the age of 55 . I had always slept in late and I slept every night 9 or 10 hrs and more if I could get it . The first night I took CBD CAROLINAS I woke up RESTED and I woke up early and this continues as I'm still taking it . FINALLY , getting sleep is adding up exponentially for me such as memory and mood and more. .............couldn't be happier or more surprised .......

Ann Ritter

The product that CBD Carolinas is providing has absolutely changed my life! All the aches and pains that come from years in the military and sports have been put on a hiatus thanks to CBD CAROLINAS!!!


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