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MOUNT PLEASANT: Southeastern Spine Institute

For some medical practices and service providers, a new building or expansion is about consolidating to make life easier for patients. That's the case for Southeastern Spine Institute, which recently expanded its Chuck Dawley Boulevard location and closed its offices on Bowman Road and in West Ashley. Now patients can get a diagnosis and treatment plan in the same visit and in the same facility, CEO Joey Fischer explained.

Patients may spend more time at their appointment, but they leave with a plan and don't have to make multiple visits, he said.

The tri-county area accounts for about one-third of Southeastern Spine's patients – about 9 percent from Mount Pleasant – and the rest come from around the state. A larger facility with amenities such as a lounge area accommodates patients and families from out of town, Fischer said.

The center also has three MRIs. a larger physical therapy gym, ultrasound and 26 exam rooms. With additional physicians, more growth is planned, particularly since the efficiency of the space allows for more patient visits, Fischer said.

MOUNT PLEASANT: MUSC Health Facility on Hungeyneck Blvd, Mount Pleasant

By May 2012, almost 600 patients a month were coming through the doors.

"We fully expect to maintain that and to grow," he said.

And on the other side of town, emerging from the middle of highway construction on Hungryneck Boulevard, was an 80,000-square-foot MUSC Health facility. A project of MUSC Physicians, it put a number of locations around Mount Pleasant under one roof.

More than 70 physicians rotate through the facility, providing East Cooper with a broad range of services, including urology, general internal medicine, cardiology, family medicine and neurology.

"It's about greater convenience for patients," said Chris Cochran, MUSC Health director of facilities and business development. "This is a premier facility offering greater access to subspecialists."

Cochran said the location is at the apex of Mount Pleasant's growth.

"We're excited about the building and quality medical treatment as well as the added convenience. We hope each patient receives a level of care that is unrivaled in a facility that is unrivaled," he said.

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