What is a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians specialize in the medical care of children, including infants and adolescents, up to age 21. The main difference with pediatricians and adult medicine is the body size and how congenital defects, genetic dispositions and developmental issues are of particular importance to a pediatrician. The physiology of an infant or child can change the medication prescribed and the outcome of diagnosing illness, as compared to an adult.

Pediatric Articles

A frustrated, young girl fights dyslexia.

Seeking Educators for Dyslexic Children

Lindsey Ballenger and her partner, Renee McCaslin are on a mission. Both mothers, they noticed that there was a real need for more professionals who specialized in educating dyslexic children. Together, they co-founded the Orton-Gillingham... Continue Reading

Graphic: A teenager takes her temperature to check for fever

What to Know About Fevers

We all recognize the following scene: A child claims he or she "doesn't feel good," and a concerned parent immediately puts his or her wrist up to the child's forehead to gauge its heat and determine whether a fever is present. A... Continue Reading

A toe walking toddler. When should you check with a doctor to see if your child's toe walking is okay or deserves more attention?

Toe Walking in Children

The truth is that many young children walk on their toes. Sometimes it's for a medical reason, but sometimes, it's for no reason at all. The stages of walking that begin in babyhood start with the toes, and, sometimes, a child may be a late... Continue Reading

Gift of Play: Zucker Family Gives $5 Million to MUSC for Children's Play Area

Zuckers Gift Play Area for Children at MUSC

To help ease the stress that children might feel as patients, the Zucker family has given $5 million to the Medical University of South Carolina for a play area within its new children's hospital, set to open in 2019. The 3,200-square-foot space... Continue Reading

Cartoon drawing of an uhnappy young girl with lice. Lice - an itchy, scratchy nit-picking nightmare.

Lice. An Itchy Scratchy Nit-Picking Nightmare

Lice. Easily one of the worst words a person can hear, it immediately signals our brains to embark on a nonstop assault of our unsuspecting scalps. As a parent, there isn't a more dreaded call home from the school nurse. Tell me to pick up... Continue Reading

Coastal Pediatric Associates

Coastal Pediatric Associates: Mother's Helper

Parenting is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week challenge. Little ones don't come with instruction manuals, and that means lots of questions, often after-hours or on weekends. When your baby has a fever, your toddler seems lethargic or your grade-schooler... Continue Reading

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