What is a Pharmacy?

Pharmacists handle the health sciences and chemical sciences of pharmaceutical medications. They prepare and dispense drugs in a safe and effective manner. Some compound medications as a more traditional role. Pharmacists provide information on the dispensed drugs for optimal use as a benefit for the patient. Drug stores, otherwise known as a pharmacy, sell medications and are where pharmacists work. Many drug stores also sell other conveniences like cosmetics and toiletries, as well as groceries.

Featured Pharmacies

Sweetgrass Pharmacy & Compounding, Mount Pleasant

Sweetgrass Pharmacy & Compounding

Mount Pleasant
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   (843) 654-4013

Plantation Pharmacy, Charleston, James Island, West Ashley

Plantation Pharmacy

Charleston, James Island, West Ashley
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   843 795 9554
   843 556 1994

Tidewater Pharmacy, Mount Pleasant

Tidewater Pharmacy

Mount Pleasant
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   (843) 375-6310

Pharmacy Articles

Over-the-counter medications

Facts on Over-the-Counter Medications

What’s in your medicine cabinet? Whether you’re single and living solo or married with a few kids, there are probably a few over-the-counter drugs in your bathroom or pantry for a variety of different ailments ranging from sinus... Continue Reading

Sweetgrass Pharmacy & Compounding has a free service called Medicine-On-Time

Medicine-On-Time, Every Time

It's called Medicine-On-Time, and the only requirement for enrollment in this no-charge program is that all of your prescriptions be filled by the talented team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at Sweetgrass Pharmacy & Compounding, the only... Continue Reading

Graphic: Pharmacists for patients' pocketbooks to save money

Pharmacists Fight for Patients' Pocketbooks

When you drop off your prescription, you might not talk to your Pharmacist, but you should; it could save you money. Pharmacists are like white-coated warriors fighting for your financial well-being as well as your health, and getting to know them better... Continue Reading

A Compounding Specialty. Plantation Pharmacy in Charleston and West Ashley, SC

Plantation Pharmacy: A Compounding Specialty

Walking into Plantation Pharmacy is a refreshing change of pace, but while the nostalgia of a traditional pharmacy – complete with lunch counter, soda fountain, vintage toys and small gifts – takes you back to the good old days, the friendly pharmacy... Continue Reading

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