What is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists diagnose, prevent and treat mental illness as related to mood, behavior, cognition and perceptions. Psychiatric assessments help psychiatrists determine what kind of treatment is needed for the patient. Oftentimes, a combination of psychiatric medication and psychotherapy help to treat the patient with mental illness. Psychiatrists have excellent communication skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Psychiatry Articles

Peer Support Specialist Tyrone Jarmon, left, talks with veteran Gary Chapman.

Support for our Peers at the VA

Jarmon said that peer support is just one piece of the puzzle in the VA’s STAR program. They offer addiction-trained psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers as well. But peer support is a very important aspect of the program... Continue Reading

Graphic for article - Help with Remaining Sober in College

Help with Remaining Sober in College

If your idea of an alcoholic is a stupefied bum in a trench coat, slurping out of a brown paper bag, a quick glance around the cozy lounge in the College of Charleston’s Recovery Center will set you straight. The bright faces and animated... Continue Reading

Chronic Stress Effects the Body. Image: A woman shows signs of stress due to demands on her time.

Chronic Stress and it’s Effects on the Body

Today’s excessive work ethic has become a sort of status symbol – the wealthier you are, the harder you must have worked to achieve success. So we work and work and work some more because we want to be relevant, too. However, what we... Continue Reading

Smiling Senior Couple - Love & (Gasp!) Sex Later in Life article

Senior Dating/Senior Sex

Most young people sigh sentimentally when they see an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand. Just don't ask them to envision anything more overt between people old enough to be their parents or grandparents. But the truth is, love, romance... Continue Reading

A therapy dog in a hospital with a young patient

A Dog's Purpose

Some dogs undergo extensive training so they will be able to complete tasks that people can't handle themselves, while others help out simply by being dogs. There obviously is a distinct difference between service dogs and therapy dogs,... Continue Reading

Study aims to assist suicidal veterans.

Study Aims to Assist Suicidal Veterans

"When you get home from combat or when you get out of the service, if you need help, you should not feel ashamed to seek it. The culture needs to change. Military members should be encouraged to develop healthy habits and reflect on..." Continue Reading

Waypoint Recovery Center, helping individuals and families recover from substance use disorders.

Let Waypoint Show You the Way

If you have ever had a friend or family member struggle with substance use disorder, you know how important it is to find quality care and support. Waypoint Recovery Center now offers an inpatient option for those dealing with this issue, serving... Continue Reading

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