What is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists diagnose, prevent and treat mental illness as related to mood, behavior, cognition and perceptions. Psychiatric assessments help psychiatrists determine what kind of treatment is needed for the patient. Oftentimes, a combination of psychiatric medication and psychotherapy help to treat the patient with mental illness. Psychiatrists have excellent communication skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Psychiatry Articles

Study aims to assist suicidal veterans.

Study Aims to Assist Suicidal Veterans

"When you get home from combat or when you get out of the service, if you need help, you should not feel ashamed to seek it. The culture needs to change. Military members should be encouraged to develop healthy habits and reflect on..." Continue Reading

According to Postpartum Support International, one in seven women will suffer from postpartum depression.

Fighting the Stigma of Postpartum Depression

Five years ago, Mount Pleasant mom Elaine DeaKyne went to her obstetrician's office. She'd given birth to her first daughter two months prior, and DeaKyne wondered if she might have postpartum depression. The nurse asked her a series of questions... Continue Reading

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