What are Rehabilitation Services?

A rehabilitation specialist keeps patients on track with their physical or occupational therapy, speech pathology, or psychiatric rehab due to an accident or chronic condition. Services are rendered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Rehabilitation can take place in a hospital setting or coordinated with a medically based program, nursing homes or ambulatory centers.

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Physical and Occupational Therapies have a lot of overlap between them. These therapists work together or independently to meet a patient's goals and needs.

OTs and PTs – What's the Difference?

This April, tens of thousands of those in the medical community will be celebrated during Occupational Therapy Month. They work with patients in a variety of settings, from schools to home health, hospitals, outpatient clinics and more. Physical therapists work... Continue Reading

Roper Rehabilitation Services, Making Miracles

Roper Rehabilitation Services, Making Miracles

It was a triumphant return to Roper Rehabilitation Hospital. I was powered by my own two feet – not a limp in sight – appropriately dressed in street clothes ("It's nice to see you dressed up," Dr. Douglas McGill said.) and excited to learn about the... Continue Reading

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