What are Weight Loss Doctors?

Heart attacks, joint problems, diabetes and many other conditions are risk factors for people who are overweight. Sometimes people have trouble losing weight on their own, so they must enlist help from their doctor. General practitioners or family doctors are usually where the journey to weight loss begins. They can refer the patient to other weight loss specialists when needed. General practitioners can recommend appropriate diet and exercises for losing weight, but obese patients will need to seek out bariatric physicians, an endocrinologist or a nutritionist.

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The SkinnyMe hCG diet protocol is a medical weight loss program. It's not the same as over-the-counter drug store supplements.


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Weight Loss Articles

A man and a woman ready to grill.

Healthy Grilling

It’s widely accepted that we tend to gain a bit of weight during the colder months of the year; earlier sunsets and cold winter evenings call for stick-to-your-bones dishes, and, of course, the onslaught of company parties and holiday... Continue Reading

Dining out without pigging out

How to Dine Out Well

It’s torture. You’re dining out and you’re determined to be healthy, but – oh! – look at that bread basket, and – c’mon! – surely you’re not going to have to settle for a salad on this special night out? It is possible to... Continue Reading

Pickleball rackets and ball - Stay Fit with Pickleball. Pickleball, what is it?

Stay Fit with Pickleball

If you know anyone who has moved to one of those age 55 and older communities – especially in Florida – you may well have heard them rhapsodizing about how much they enjoy playing "pickleball." Have you scratched your... Continue Reading

Healtier people - eat a smart diet, get moving, live well.

The Healthy Charleston Challenge Changing Lives

Three times a year, the MUSC Wellness Center offers people the opportunity to get help redefining themselves as healthier people. The Healthy Charleston Challenge offers 12-week sessions in January and September and a mini-session of only six weeks... Continue Reading

Investigating 5 Popular Diets ... High-Protein Diet, Juicing, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Blood Type Diet, and the Ketogenic Diet

Investigating Five Popular Diets

Dr. Ann Kulze, a local physician, best-selling author and founder and CEO of Just Wellness, LLC, weighed in on some of the buzzed-about diets this year. She has been a featured expert on "The Dr. Oz Show," "Oprah and Friends Radio," Time... Continue Reading

Scale, measuring tape. Lose Weight! Four Weight Loss Success Stories.

Four Weight Loss Success Stories

It's no secret that losing weight will make you feel better and help you live longer. But what's the best way to shed pounds? The common thread among the following four Charleston-area residents is that they all lost weight gradually and they all did so by changing... Continue Reading

Palmetto Women's Health - Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Trying to lose weight quickly can turn out to be a frustrating experience. In many cases, the unwanted pounds, shed through starvation or by buying into diets based more on fad than fact, reappear soon after they disappear. On the other hand, losing... Continue Reading

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