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MUSC Wellness Center, Best Fitness Center 2023 Best in Health.

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What Do Clients Value About The Care You Deliver?
Our Wellness Center members know that we care about them, and we are here to assist with their wellness goals. We constantly attempt to provide a variety of options to stay healthy, including a swimming pool, pickleball courts, a weight room and more.

What Inspires The Team?
The Wellness Center team believes that anyone’s visit can be the best part of their day. We want to provide an outlet to be healthy both in body and mind.

What Is One Idea Or Habit You Wish All Patients Would Incorporate Into Their Lives?
A little movement is better than no movement at all. There is a misconception that to see health benefits from exercise you must be exercising multiple hours a day on multiple days each week. People can see great benefits from just a little bit of movement here and there. Yes, the old tale is true, even parking a little further away or taking the stairs can help people’s health immensely.

Can You Share Patient Feedback Or A Story That Has Brought The Team Joy?
The MUSC Wellness Center’s signature program for breast cancer survivors – Survivors Fit Club – has been offered since 2016 and provides a collection of great success stories. In fall 2022, a program participant overcame her fear of getting in the water with the support of our swim instructor and fellow program participants. This participant stepped in the pool for the first time in her life and in just three months learned to put her head under the water while performing carefully designed water exercises for breast cancer survivors. It is stories like these that bring the team joy and keep us moving forward.

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