Best Fitness Program – Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing, Best Fitness Program in the 2023 Best in Health.

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What Do Clients Value About The Care You Deliver?
Rock Steady Boxing is a team environment. Teamwork and leadership emerge, giving program participants renewed confidence and an opportunity for socialization. Our classes follow the RSB “plan of the week” curriculum, making all classes safe, different, functional and, most importantly, a lot of fun. Participants get together before and after the class for personal discussions in a relaxed, nonmedical atmosphere. Camaraderie among folks fighting the same disease is essential to the overall experience.

Our RSB-certified coaches focus on Parkinson’s specifically and know what signs and symptoms to look for during class. We address these symptoms by offering certain exercises and supporting boxers with informational resources.

What Inspires The Team At Your Practice?
Our participants inspire us the most. They show up, do their best in class and leave feeling empowered. They are often surprised with how successful they are at boxing and how much fun it is to exercise with the group. Overall, they notice a difference both mentally and physically with an improvement in balance, reaction time and coordination.

Participants share a number of thankful notes about their experiences. A few years ago, one of the thank you letters said: “While Parkinson’s incurably and progressively works to inhibit my ability to lead a normal life, you, through your training, skill, professionalism and heartfelt concern, give me and my fellow participants the physical workouts and constant encouragement which are vital to keep the disease away. I am not capable of expressing how grateful I am for all you do for me!” This participant has been training with us since we first started RSB in 2016 and is still in great shape at 81 years old.

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