Best GI Doctor – Dr. Lee Royall of Charleston GI

Dr. Lee Royall of Charleston GI, Best GI Doctor in the 2023 Best in Health.

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Where are you from? Tell us about your background?
I grew up in Mount Pleasant and attended Porter Gaud. I graduated from the South Carolina Honors College with a degree in mechanical engineering, followed by medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina. I left South Carolina for an internal medicine residency at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, followed by a GI fellowship at the University of Tennessee-Memphis. My goal was always to return to my roots in the Lowcountry. I joined Charleston GI in 2004. I currently reside in Mount Pleasant next to my family home with my wife of 24 years and three children. I enjoy hunting, fishing, boating and all things Gamecock!

What inspires your commitment to your practice?
Upon returning to Charleston, I wanted to join an independent group of excellent, like-minded, physicians who not only focus on great patient care but also have a vision for the future of GI in the ever-expanding tri-county market. I feel we have been able to adapt to the ever-changing health care climate while still providing excellent patient care. Due to the rigors of a busy private practice, this cannot be achieved without excellent upper-level management.

What made you want to go into your specialty?
Why did I choose gastroenterology coming from a mechanical engineering background? I always envisioned myself pursuing a career in orthopedic surgery, but, as I progressed through medical school, I began to gravitate toward internal medicine. Although I loved practicing medicine, I opted to pursue a subspecialty that required procedural skills. Gastroenterology was the perfect mix of practicing focused medicine with the use of numerous endoscopic procedures to help diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions.

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