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Holy City Hearing, Best Hearing Center in the 2023 Best in Health.

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What Do Clients Value About The Care You Deliver?
Our clients really value how they are treated and our excellent customer service. We are very generous with the time we spend with each client, delivering the best customer service we can. We care.

What Inspires The Team At Your Practice?
We absolutely relish helping people hear better and witnessing the positive impact this has on family members and friends. Our entire team has personal experience with hearing loss, so we understand the whole process. Each time we witness people re-uniting and becoming socially more active and mentally healthier, we are inspired to repeat this process over and over again.

How Has A Challenge The Practice Has Overcome Propelled It To Greater Success?
While we were initially stopped in our tracks by COVID, our customers needed our help for repairs, reprogramming, addressing initial hearing loss and other issues. We found ways to accomplish being there for them safely, re-opened our doors and got right back to doing what we love to do – helping people.

Can You Share Patient Feedback Or A Story That Has Brought The Team Joy?
We get frequent expressions of gratitude from those we have helped, but recently we got a call from a lady we recently fit with a hearing system. She had just received a thank you card from us. She called us to let our team know that she is the one that should be offering thanks. She stated with great enthusiasm that Holy City Hearing had changed her life.

What Philosophy Is At The Core Of The Work Being Done Here?
Our mission is simply to help people improve their lives through better hearing – and, in turn, the lives of their loved ones.

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