Best Memory Care Facility – Mount Pleasant Gardens

Mount Pleasant Gardens, Best Memory Care Facility in 2023 Best in Health.

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What Do Residents Value About The Care You Deliver?
We hear from our families daily that we provide warm, loving, compassionate care and that our personal attention to each resident is exceptional.

What Inspires Your Team?
We each feel called to our roles (caregiving, operations, resources) at Mount Pleasant Gardens, in addition to being part of a team that respects and supports each other.

How Has A Challenge You Have Overcome Propelled You To Greater Success?
Issues with staffing in our community propelled us to greater success. We all had to do a little extra and help with tasks that may not have been our specific jobs. We learned to under stand and appreciate each role and each other more. We also recruited and hired exceptional staff that helped us invest more in each other.

Can You Share Resident Feedback Or A Story That Has Brought The Team Joy?
We had a family member that was offered a prestigious position in another state. After deliberation and researching other communities out of state, he declined the position because of how much his mother loved and enjoyed living at Mount Pleasant Gardens. We recently said goodbye to this resident. The family continues to be a part of our MPG family and appreciated the care and love given to her and to them. As a team, we stand beside those we care for, loving them through the journey’s end. It was with great joy we cared for this resident and all our residents.

What Is Your Golden Rule?
We have a saying at MPG. Be MPG – Be Excellent – Motivated, Purposeful and Gracious. We all strive to live that daily.

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