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Women's Health Partners, Best OB/GYN Practice in 2023 Best in Health.

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What Is The Practice’s Golden Rule For Health Care?
Our philosophy of health care is to provide an atmosphere of comfort and caring to enable patients to be at ease during their visits. We want every patient to know we care about them and want the best possible outcomes for their situation. In treating patients, we use the “mother, daughter, sister rule,” which is: If this patient were my mother, daughter or sister, what would I want for her?

What Inspires The Team At Your Practice?
We are so fortunate to have such a caring and dedicated team of professionals at our practice. Our team is inspired by meeting and exceeding patients’ expectations. If there is a challenge a patient is facing that requires additional work to accomplish, our team is willing to take that extra step to help that patient.

What Do Patients Value About The Care You Deliver?
I think patients value a heartfelt rapport with their health care professionals. Patients are touched by the little things like remembering something special about their life. Maybe their son or daughter was graduating, getting married or having their grandchild, and you ask them about it at a later visit. Having insight into a patient’s life allows you to offer treatments or therapies within the framework of their life. Growing older with your long-term patients is especially satisfying as a physician as well.

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