Best Periodontist – Dr. Jennifer Wade

Dr. Jennifer Wade, Best Periodontist in 2023 Best in Health.

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What Do Patients Value About The Care You Deliver?
Patients often come to our office expecting to hear that they are going to lose all their teeth. They are happy to find out that there are so many treatment options that we can provide to help them save their teeth. The best thing to hear from a patient after their consultation is “I’m very relieved and feel good about this plan.” Fortunately, we hear this all the time!

Who Or What In Your Life Empowers You To Bring Your Best To Your Work?
I am inspired every day not only by our patients but also by the wonderful people I work with. I’m fortunate to work alongside Drs. Poston and Laro, who are the best of the best! We also have an amazing team who exude kindness and compassion, all while making sure not to skip a single detail when it comes to patient care. Their commitment to exceptional care motivates me every day.

What Is Your Golden Rule For Health Care?
Listening with intent is one of the best things a provider can do for their patients.

Can You Share Patient Feedback Or A Story That Has Brought You Joy?
Patients smiling with a smile they are happy about always brings me joy. One of my favorite procedures to do is aesthetic crown lengthening – a procedure to treat gummy smiles. Many people have extra gum tissue that makes their teeth look small or may even make them appear crooked. We can make huge enhancements in their smile simply by recontouring the gum tissue. They love the results!

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