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Herold's Pharmacy, 2023 Best in Health, Best Pharmacy.

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What Do Patients Value About The Care You Deliver?
They know they will consistently receive high-quality care, not just once, but every time they visit us.

What Inspires The Team At Your Pharmacy?
The sense of accomplishment when we make a difference in the lives of our patients.

How Has A Challenge The Pharmacy Has Overcome Propelled It To Greater Success?
COVID changed the landscape for pharmacies. We expanded our services beyond medications and into vaccines and other medical services.

What’s One Idea Or Habit You Wish All Patients Would Incorporate Into Their Lives?
Too often, patients are passive recipients of health care. They go to the doctor, take the prescribed medications and hope for the best. Patients need to be proactive in managing their health. They need to be aware of the risk factors, make healthy lifestyle choices and take their medications as prescribed.

What Philosophy Is At The Core Of The Work Being Done Here?
Patient-centered care. The patient is at the center of all the decisions we make.

What Is The Practice’s Golden Rule For Health Care?
To treat patients with the same respect, compassion and understanding that we would want to be treated with if we, too, were in their shoes.

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