Best Urologist – Dr. Kelly Shaffer

Photo of Dr. Kelly Shaffer, Best Urologist named in 2023 Best in Health.

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What Vision Do You Have For Your Future Self?
My plan is to continue my care of patients in Charleston for the duration of my career. I love the Lowcountry and have no plans to leave. I really enjoy coming to the office every day to interact with my staff and patients. I do hope to expand some services that we offer.

What Do Patients Value About The Care You Deliver?
I try my best to listen and to educate my patients about their care.

What Inspires Your Commitment To Your Practice? 
I can’t imagine any other career than being a doctor and, in particular, a urologist. I enjoy both my time in the office and the operating room.

What’s One Idea Or Habit You Wish All Your Patients Would Incorporate Into Their Lives? 
Self-care! Take the time to drink water and go to the bathroom. There are a few simple things that can be done daily to help decrease those pesky kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Can You Share Patient Feedback Or A Story That Has Brought You Joy? 
It’s so rewarding to have patients come back after a procedure and be out of incontinence pads! They are so tickled to have their lives back.

Learn more about Dr. Shaffer here.

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