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Coastal Vascular and Vein Center, Best Vascular Vein Center in the 2023 Best in Health.

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What Inspires The Team At Your Practice?
Our patients are our biggest inspiration. Some have chronic issues they deal with day in and day out and do so with a positive attitude. We can all feel inspired by them.

How Has A Challenge The Practice Has Overcome Propelled It To Greater Success?
A major adversity we have faced was providing health care to patients during a global pandemic. The challenges this posed not only to our providers but to our patients warranted extra caution and strained the ways of receiving vital medical attention. Persevering through the pandemic, keeping our doors open to patients and adapting to a new mode of health care has only helped us build a stronger relationship with our patients, which in the end is the greatest success.

Can You Share Patient Feedback Or A Story That Has Brought The Team Joy?
I think the most common story we see regularly are patients who have suffered with leg cramps, itching and swelling for years due to venous disease. Many have been told there is nothing that can be done for them. When we offer them treatment and relieve them of their pain and swelling, it changes their overall lifestyle forever. As a team, that is always the most rewarding outcome.

What Philosophy Is At The Core Of The Work Being Done Here?
One of our commitments is to continually perform in a patient-centered manner. This standard is held across all aspects of our office, from the locations we have selected to our staffing and scheduling to the technologies incorporated into our various treatments. Your health is our first concern. In addition to spending time ensuring you are well-informed about your treatment options, we have also put conscientious effort into creating a comfortable environment for you to receive personal care.

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