ChiropracticUSA Says to Build Your Immune System

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At ChiropracticUSA, Dr. Matthew Murrin is a staunch proponent of wellness, not just in terms of treating conditions but as lifestyle choices that build and protect good health, even in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Murrin, who has earned degrees in chiropractic, kinesiology, physical rehabilitation and personal fitness training, offers HealthLinks readers eight solid tips for building and maintaining their health while faced with COVID-19.

  1. Viruses attack weak hosts and beat them. They attack strong ones, too, but strong ones win. This is why it is important to keep your immune system strong.
  2. Drink more water – the simplest tip of all. Most people don’t. It’s important not to wait until you feel thirsty. Adequate hydration strengthens your immune system.
  3. Nutrition is key. Skip the fast food burgers and fries. Stick with healthful foods such as chicken, natural (unprocessed) meats and green vegetables.
  4. Supplement with vitamins C 1,000 mg and D 5,000 IU; most people don’t get enough of these, and they are critical to a strong immune system. We get most of our vitamin D from sunlight; when you are outdoors less during stay-at-home rules, supplementing with D is even more important.
  5. So your gym is closed down. Do not neglect regular exercise. Exercising lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. If you’re not a regular workout buff, even a 25-minute daily walk will help.
  6. Maintain good sleep patterns. Turn off the TV and the smartphone at bedtime. We all need six to eight hours of sleep a night to allow the immune system to recover and recharge.
  7. Don’t neglect your mental and emotional health. Keeping your stress levels down lowers cortisol, too. Keep calm. Stay happy. If bad news (especially on TV) upsets you, skip it.
  8. The old maxim that “laughter is the best medicine” rings true. Laughing not only reduces cortisol; it also releases those good hormones, the endorphins. Avoid grisly crime dramas and watch a funny movie.

“Don’t forget that the immune system is controlled by the nervous system,” Dr. Murrin added. “That is why an adequately functioning immune system is paramount.”

He explained that chiropractic adjustments can boost the nervous system and enhance wellness in addition to its immediate physical benefits.

“Adjustment can take pressure off the spinal nerves, allowing them to fire at their optimal level,” he said.

Perhaps uncharacteristically for a medical professional and lifelong athlete whose career has been focused on the physical, Dr. Murrin also recommended meditation for mental and emotional health during this pandemic.

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“Follow the experts’ guidance about social distancing, wear a facial mask when in close contact with others and add appropriate protective gear,” he suggested. “First and foremost, maintain your personal protection – your immune system. The stronger you are, the better chance you have of defeating even the most widespread and virulent germs in our increasingly dangerous environment.”

For more information on ChiropracticUSA and Dr. Murrin, call 843-881-0046 or visit www.chiropracticusasc.com.

By Bill Farley

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