The Healing Beyond Survival Mode

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“Just wanting to be out of pain is survival mode,” said Dr. Sarah Wharton of Cypress Chiropractic and Wellness.

Nearly 3 out of 10 U.S. adults currently suffer from chronic low back pain, according to the Pain News Network, and 50% to 80% of all adults will experience a back pain episode during their life, according to a study published in the Neurologic Clinics journal.

“That’s the body saying something isn’t right, something is not connecting,” said Dr. Wharton.

“In the beginning stages of health, it’s how we can recover,” she said of treating pain, adding that she goes beyond just stopping the pain. “I want to recover, heal and optimize.”

Dr. Wharton describes herself as a salutogenic doctor, making it her prerogative to offer patients “that which gives birth to health,” as opposed to pathogenesis, which means “that which gives birth to disease.” In action, this means that while she will address pain and what it indicates about health, she looks at a greater scope of patient wellness.

“Just because you have a lack of pain or symptoms doesn’t mean you don’t have dysfunction. “I want to create health – give birth to health – no matter where you are in your journey,” said Dr. Wharton, pointing out that whether a patient arrives with aches and pains, high blood pressure or something entirely else, “wherever you are, that’s where we begin.”

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By removing nerve interference and supporting their healing journey, patients can begin to optimize their health – instead of just recovering it or responding to pain.

“I don’t fix anybody. I simply locate areas where there is nerve interference,” said Dr. Wharton, who works to improve the brain and body connection by addressing these nerve subluxations.

In addition to making bodily adjustments, Dr. Wharton educates patients in every session to help them understand the importance and opportunity of the brain’s relationship to the body. In combination with the initial intake of a patient’s lifestyle and goals, she devises maintenance plans for each person, based on their environment and nervous system.

Similar to any wellness endeavor, consistency is key. Like going to the gym, showing up regularly to chiropractic care and the healing journey allows patients to train and maintain their health.

People attentive to their healing come to Dr. Wharton as individuals and sometimes even bringing their families. For children, whose nervous systems inherently are undergoing intense changes as they develop, Dr. Wharton supports the growth of their neural pathways to set them up to thrive.

Patients choose to show up consistently because “they know that they would rather live their life with a nervous system free of interference,” said Dr. Wharton, who visits a chiropractor weekly herself.

“Everything is your nervous system. That’s what makes us the humans that we are,” said Dr. Wharton. Chiropractors support the body and thus the lives we lead. We should all have one if we want to be healthy – if we want to thrive.”

If you’re ready to start thriving in your health and healing, visit CypressChiroCare.com.

By Molly Sherman

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