Cypress Chiropractic & Wellness, Charleston, SC.
Cypress Chiropractic & Wellness, Charleston, SC.

Cypress Chiropractic & Wellness

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Cypress Chiropractic & Wellness, Charleston, SC.

Cypress Chiropractic & Wellness

Cypress Chiropractic wants to be part of your health team! Whether you are suffering from symptoms, or want to be proactive and preventative, Dr. Sarah K. Wharton with Cypress Chiropractic is here to facilitate your healing through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic looks to the spine for the cause of “dis-ease.” Chiropractic care restores function by adjusting the joints of the spine and body. Adjustments remove the barriers between your brain-to-body and body-to-brain communication (aka subluxations). Adjustments decrease dysfunction, disorder, and pain by enabling you to heal and reach your body’s innate potential.

Meet Dr. Wharton

Dr. Sarah Kalani Wharton of Cypress Chiropractic & Wellness in Charleston, South Carolina.Dr. Sarah Kalani Wharton is a South Carolina native and has called Charleston home since 2004. Chiropractic has changed her life in so many ways and she truly believes that she wouldn’t be in the health that is currently in, without chiropractic care. Throughout her life, she has been challenged with injuries to the musculoskeletal system especially the spine and hip, but it wasn’t until a knee injury resulting in surgery that her soccer coach encouraged her to go to a chiropractor. Compelled by how quickly and efficiently her knee healed, chiropractic has been essential in her life. Now she devotes her energy to bringing the benefits of chiropractic care to others.

Dr. Wharton received her undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston in 2008 and in 2016 she began her journey at Sherman College of Chiropractic. During her studies at Sherman College of Chiropractic, she took over 200 hours of certified Gonstead Chiropractic Training and she is currently in the process of getting certified in pediatrics and pre-natal care with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). When treating her patients, she borrows from various chiropractic techniques such as Gonstead, Thompson, Webster, Toggle/Upper-Cervical, and Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT).

When she isn’t in the office adjusting her patients towards health, you can find her on the yoga mat, in the gym, out in nature, or hanging with her cat, dog, and partner.

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    Patient Testimonials

    Dr Wharton is amazing. I’m a landscape contractor and consistently overwork my body. One visit and she gets me back in the right direction. I was very skeptical of chiropractic aid but sought her out after a rough slip and fall. She remedied within a few visits; helped me feel better than I have in months, maybe even longer.

    – Joe M.

    Dr. Sarah is wonderful. Since I started seeing her, not only do I have fewer aches and pains, but my overall well-being has improved. She listens, provides appropriate advice, and is just generally a bright spot in my life!

    – Kate T.

    Dr. Wharton is personable and sincerely cares about helping her patients heal. I’ve had back pain for years and I hesitated to take steps towards finding help feeling like I could push through the pain, until I couldn’t. I appreciate her listening and working with me while also teaching me ways to improve in between visits. I’m a former college athlete in my early 30’s and still very active but I started to feel discouraged and despair from constant pain and discomfort. I’m grateful for Dr. Sarah for not only easing that pain, but giving me hope that my body isn’t beyond repair. Definitely worth a visit if you’re on the fence.

    – Catherine L.

    Have been a long time patient of Dr. Sarah, and always highly recommend her to friends and co workers! I am in a profession that requires me to be on my feet for long periods of time and results in my body feeling the effects of it. Sarah has consistently been able to keep my body align and be intuitive with what my body needs. Sarah is professional and lovely to be in the presence of! Highly recommend 🙂

    – Shannon D.

    Dr. Sarah is seriously the best! She is so sweet and personable and really just wants to make you feel better. After an adjustment with Dr. Sarah, I feel brand new.

    – Katie L.

    So just a little background of my story I’ve been around intense physical labor most of my life and in 2019 I was involved in an auto accident that soon led to the painful discovery of a couple herniated discs in my lower lumbar. I’ve been seeing Dr Sarah Wharton now for at least 2 years and between my active schedule between work and maintaining a regular life getting chiropractic treatment from Sarah once a week keeps me maintained and operating like a well oiled machine. Sarah is very caring and very knowledgeable. If anyone is looking for someone who treats you more that just a patient but morel like one who cares for your individual well being then cypress chiropractic is your place to go.

    – Edward D.

    Even at 64 I lead a very active life. Sarah helps me stay aligned and centered. She is friendly and knowledgeable.

    – Virginia M.

    Wonderful! I feel amazing. Thank you! I too am also on my feet. I feel lighter actually and my posture has improved tremendously!! Thank you Dr. Sarah.

    – Cheri C.

    A visit with Dr Sarah is exactly what the body and soul needs! Highly recommend for optimal body health and alignment.

    – Hayley S.


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