Northbridge Dental Offers Implant Supported Restorations

A dentist holding a model of a tooth implant.

Northbridge Dental can bridge the divide between the smile you have and the smile you want – with the help of implant supported restorations. Dr. Jim Richart practices restorative dentistry, which can improve the function, feeling and appearance of teeth and gums and prevent further damage or decay; alleviate pain and discomfort; and restore confidence … Read more

Tongue Biting In Your Sleep: A Sign Of Something More?

A woman, covering her mouth, lies in bed after biting her tongue

Sleep is a fundamental component of our daily lives. A good night’s sleep allows your brain and body to slow down and engage in the process of recovery. Your body is able to repair cells and control its use of energy. However, for some individuals, the bliss of slumber can be interrupted by a rather … Read more

Options for Whitening Your Teeth: Perfecting Your Pearly Whites

Illustration: A sparkling white tooth

The quest for whiter and brighter teeth soared during the pandemic as people had more time and easy online access to products that promised perfect pearly whites. Now, between at-home strategies and more advanced procedures at dental offices, even more people are opting for whiter and brighter smiles. The teeth whitening market is expected to … Read more

Better Mouth, Better Smile

Photo of Drs. Edward Murphy and Chris Caputo

It’s rare now to see the same faces in any business for more than a few years. But at Periodontal Associates in Charleston, Drs. Edward Murphy and Chris Caputo and much of their entire team have been supplying patients of all needs with top-notch mouth and gum care since 2007. “We are fortunate to have … Read more