Life Smiles Dentistry, Mt Pleasant

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We are saddened by the loss of Judy Villanyi and we are committed to ensuring that our community continues to have their dental needs met. The dentists below may be a good fit for your dental needs in or near Mount Pleasant.

Life Smiles Dentistry, Mt Pleasant
Life Smiles Dentistry, Mt Pleasant
Judy Villanyi, DMD
Life Smiles Dentistry

Dr. Judy Villanyi grew up in her favorite orthodontist’s office, learning the ropes as young as 13 years old. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she moved to the Lowcountry at age 3 and now owns her Mount Pleasant practice, Life Smiles Dentistry – a cosmetic, restorative and family practice.

“I sucked my thumb as a child and needed braces,” she said. “Once my teeth were straight, I wanted to learn more about the profession. So I volunteered at my orthodontist’s office as a teenager before deciding on dental school.”

Dr. Villanyi attended the Medical University of South Carolina and practiced dentistry for 10 years in downtown Charleston before relocating to Mount Pleasant and opening her practice in 2005. Since then, she has concentrated on educating her patients regarding lifelong oral health.

“My practice is patient-driven, rather than production-driven,” she said.

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She encourages her patients to bring their children into the office sooner rather than later to encourage good oral hygiene.

“When they bring their children in as babies, by the time they are 3 years old, they aren’t afraid of the dentist,” she explained. “Children who get started early end up with fewer cavities and end up being better patients as well.”

Northbridge Dental
1164 Northbridge Dr, Ste A Charleston, SC 29407 843-852-3401
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434 W Coleman Blvd,
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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