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Photo of Drs. Edward Murphy and Chris Caputo

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It’s rare now to see the same faces in any business for more than a few years. But at Periodontal Associates in Charleston, Drs. Edward Murphy and Chris Caputo and much of their entire team have been supplying patients of all needs with top-notch mouth and gum care since 2007.

“We are fortunate to have a team that averages 15 years in working together,” Dr. Murphy said. “This level of loyalty and camaraderie allow a unique patient experience as you become part of our ‘family.’”

Dr. Caputo noted that the majority of the practice’s patients receive some type of dental implant therapy, often in conjunction with bone or soft tissue grafting.

“Because of varying needs, we offer all of our patients a large spectrum of services,” he said.

These services include: gum disease treatment such as scaling and root planning; dental implants due to broken teeth, decay or dental neglect; bone grafting and bone regeneration to protect existing teeth; osseous surgery to reshape bone around the teeth to eliminate defects and make them easier to clean; LANAP laser treatments to target and destroy bacterial buildup deep within the pockets of the gums; and wilckodontics, which is used to decrease the amount of time spent in braces while increasing the bone density of areas surrounding the teeth.

“We not only aim to provide optimal clinical outcomes, we also want to keep our patients safe and comfortable throughout their procedures with a range of sedation options,” Dr. Murphy said.

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And you couldn’t find more qualified surgeons to provide this care. Dr. Murphy and Dr. Caputo maintain a combined 37 years of experience, and each holds dental degrees from the Medical University of South Carolina. They both completed additional residency training programs in advanced restorative dentistry, as well as three-year periodontology residency programs to hone their skills and expertise in soft tissue procedures, bone grafting and dental implants.

And both are board-certified diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology.

While comprehensive oral care is their first priority, Drs. Murphy and Caputo both said their chief satisfaction comes from turning a patient with a problem into one with a better mouth and a new smile.

“Interaction with patients that evolve into friendships is easily the best part of our job,” Dr. Caputo said. “It is a blessing to be able to take part in helping someone achieve their oral health goals from form, function and esthetics.”

And after all this time together in a practice that was started in 1968, the two South Carolina natives who love the Lowcountry intend to position Periodontal Associates as an area leader for a long time to come.

“We are dedicated to ensuring comprehensive dental health, and we spend plenty of time getting to know each patient, evaluating their periodontal needs and walking them through potential treatment options,” Dr. Murphy said. “And we do it all in a warm, welcoming and friendly practice setting.”

To learn more, visit charlestonperio.com or call 843-571-0853.

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