Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, SC

Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, SC

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A Pleasant Smile

>Doctors Jakowski and Johnson at Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant
Doctors Jakowski and Johnson Use the Latest Technology to Evaluate Patient’s Teeth

Gone are the days of waiting for dentures, partials or false teeth; instead, you can have secure, comfortable teeth in a matter of hours at Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, which has served area residents since 1989 and has grown with the ever-changing, technically advanced world of dentistry.

“Dentures are old school,” said Greg Johnson, DDS, of Pleasant Family Dentistry. “With all the tools available today, we can defeat things like gum disease and decay that robbed older generations of their teeth and subjected them to the indignity of dentures.”

The owner of Pleasant Family Dentistry, Dr. Richard Jackowski, agreed. “Digital X-rays limit radiation to 20 percent to 30 percent of what the old X-rays were, and we offer CEREC restorations, which are a predictable, conservative way to restore teeth, often in one visit.”

Using CEREC – chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics – a skilled dentist can create crowns and other items in his or her office, in many cases within a few hours.

First the damaged tooth is prepared by applying a thin layer of reflective powder directly onto its surface. Then the dentist uses a special camera to take a picture of the tooth. Working from that pinsharp optical impression of the tooth, the software creates an extremely precise restoration.

High-speed diamond bits work simultaneously to mill the restoration out of a solid block of ceramic material. Finally, the newly milled restoration is bonded to the tooth using a state-of-the-art adhesive.

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Patients can watch the optically designed restoration in real time on a full-color computer monitor. In the end, the ceramic restored tooth matches the natural color of the other teeth in the patient’s mouth.

“CEREC restorations are not new. In fact, the technology is over 27 years old and has been proven very effective. Our office was one of the first offices in the Lowcountry to start using the technology over 13 years ago,” said Dr. Jackowski. “Our office has performed over 10,000 CEREC procedures. I could never practice any other way. I have CEREC in my own mouth and can personally attest that it feels great.”

“We were lucky enough to be introduced to CEREC over a decade ago and are now considered experts in the field,” Dr. Johnson added.

The doctors and staff at Pleasant Family Dentistry offer their patients the unbeatable combination of a caring attitude and the most up-todate technology.

“The people are what make a practice special, and our employees genuinely care for each one of our patients,” Dr. Johnson said. “Caring for our patients is our number one concern. We can teach our staff the skills and give them all the best tools, but we only hire big hearts.”

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To learn more about CEREC and the other services offered by Pleasant Family Dentistry, visit www.PleasantFamilyDentistry.com or call (843) 881-8881.

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