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Smiles by Hogan has offered general and surgical dentistry to Mount Pleasant families for more than 30 years. Its mission is to bring its patients the most innovative, affordable and quality dental care by using state-of-the-art equipment, the latest techniques and various levels of sedation. Smiles by Hogan is committed to making dentistry more pleasant and less stressful so that patients receive the care they need and obtain long-term results.

Smiles by Hogan makes patients feel at home.

“Our patients know everyone in the practice. As a family-run business, my wife and I make up 50% of the office,” said Tyler Alderman, D.D.S.

In addition to Dr. Alderman and his wife, Brooklyn, who serves as office manager and patient care coordinator, Smiles by Hogan has a registered dental hygienist and a registered dental assistant on staff. Maintaining a small practice in which patients connect with all employees not only reduces patients’ stress, it allows the team at Smiles by Hogan to see the process through.

“By managing a patient’s dental care from A to Z, we are able to give our patients better longevity on their dental interventions,” Dr. Alderman explained.

At Smiles by Hogan, patients can be seen for general dental services, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and more. Dr. Alderman is renowned for his work with surgical and restorative dentistry. Through his commitment to continuing education, he has achieved notable proficiency in full-mouth reconstruction, including extractions, grafting and implant placement. He is dedicated to keeping up with the most advanced technology and techniques to improve his patients’ outcomes. His expertise is so widely recognized that Dr. Alderman has hosted continuing education courses to teach his advanced techniques to other dentists.

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An expert in his field, Dr. Alderman does surgical implant placements and the restoration of implants all in the same office. As his patients’ dentist and surgeon, he ensures continuity in care. At other dental practices, dentists usually refer patients needing implants to a dental surgeon because they are only equipped to restore implants, not place them. At Smiles by Hogan, the same dentist who places the implant will restore it in addition to handling patients’ cleanings, fillings and basic general dentistry needs.

“Here, there is no disconnect between the surgeon and the dentist,” Dr. Alderman asserted.

With nearly 500 5-star reviews on Google, Smiles by Hogan is doing something right. Patients consistently comment on the staff’s professionalism, their friendly nature and how gently dental procedures are done. They celebrate Dr. Alderman’s patience and the time he takes to explain procedures and recommendations. His patients feel that he takes a keen interest in their oral health, their comfort level and how their dental health impacts their appearance.

Whether they have been patients of Smiles by Hogan for years or find themselves in need of surgical implants due to aging and declining dental health, Dr. Alderman and his team care for their patients in a way that keeps them coming back. Thanks to their modern dentistry and pain-free methods, even those with dental anxiety feel at ease.

To learn more, visit smilesbyhogan.com or call 843-216-0908.

By Isabel Alvarez Arata

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