Curing an Ear Infection

An ENT doctor examines a young boy's ears

Many parents know the agony – and challenge – of a son or daughter waking up in the middle of the night and complaining that an ear hurts. That was a regular occurrence for my wife and I as our middle daughter, crying and unable to sleep, wrestled with repeated ear infections. Numerous doctor visits […]

The Dangers of Noise Damage

Loud noise causes a man to cover his ears and wince in pain

America is a loud place. Many people spend their days working in noisy environments and then spend their nights at noisy bars or clubs. Too much racket is hard on our bodies. It can take its toll. Audiologist Joe Gillespie of East Cooper Hearing Centers regularly meets with patients who have noticed that their hearing […]

Underlying Causes of Snoring

A man wearing a CPAP mask with a CPAP machine

Do you snore when you sleep? Does your bed partner? You’re not alone. Almost from time immemorial, nocturnal noise-making has been so common that it has created such familiar expressions as “sawing some wood” and even the euphemism for sleeping, “catching some ‘Zzzs’.” Snoring is a frequent subject of humor. But, in reality, it’s not […]

Charleston Ear, Nose & Throat

Charleston ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) is the largest private ENT practice in South Carolina.

Otolaryngology is difficult to pronounce and can be even harder to spell. But if you are having any medical problems that involve hearing, breathing, smelling, tasting, speaking or swallowing, it’s easy to find Charleston Ear, Nose & Throat, the largest private ENT practice in South Carolina. Charleston ENT has eight locations spread across the Lowcountry, […]

MUSC Doctor Eric J. Lentsch, MD

Dr. Eric J. Lentsch, MD. ENT Doctor

Medical University of South Carolina Health, Otolaryngology “I always wanted to be a doctor,” Eric Lentsch says. He adds that for him, there was no defining moment, just that he knew from a young age that he was destined to become a physician. Interested in surgery, a colleague enthusiastically recommended that Lentsch pursue the specialty […]

Hearing Care of Summerville Raises Awareness of Hearing Health in the Community

The professionals at Hearing Care of Summerville are keen on giving sound advice to local residents on hearing loss prevention and healthy hearing practices. Patient satisfaction is a top priority, and, at their office at 107 W. 5th North St. in Summerville, they offer not only hearing treatment but also all the latest technologies in […]