Treatmint Massage Therapy

Treatmint Massage Therapy. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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About Treatmint Massage Therapy

Ryan Sheppard, Massage Therapist. Ryan has 20+ years as a massage therapist.

Taking massage therapy out of the day spas and into private practice with only the most effective techniques to improve the lives of everyone.

Treatmint Massage Therapy offers the essential techniques of massage therapy. The spirit of effective and efficient professionalism is also applied in an easy payment structure. No more paying for each add-on. Better and instead, an all-inclusive payment structure based on one-on-one time spent with your therapist, not what massage therapy technique performed. You can choose up to three techniques during your time with us with one additional add-on, free of charge! Treatmint Massage Therapy will work with you to develop a plan to make your massage experience exceptional because the aim is not to be good at a few things, it is to be exceptional at one: massage therapy. Visit us today in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, or book an appointment now!

About Ryan

Ryan Sheppard had an experience level of 20+ years as a massage therapist. Ryan’s focus in practice is decreasing pain and increasing function of his clients by selecting and performing only the most effective techniques available.

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