Getting a Jump-start: Long-term Therapy for Fecal Incontinence

Photo of older woman holding an adult diaper

Palmetto Digestive Disease and Endoscopy Center is offering a therapy to help patients experiencing fecal incontinence jump-start their bodies and their lives. With normal function, bowel movements are controlled by the sacral nerve, which signals to the brain when the bowels are full, informing us it is time to use the restroom. In a patient … Read more

Colorectal Robotic Surgery Success

Dr. Knoche of East Cooper Colorectal Surgery

For a patient, new advances in surgery are as exciting as they are intimidating. And when it comes to minimally invasive procedures, East Cooper Medical Center’s colorectal robotic surgery and the way it enhances a person’s recovery is the best choice in the eyes of Dr. Susan Knoche. A board-certified colon and rectal surgeon and … Read more

Trust Your Gut

Graphic showing the gut

Trust your gut. We’ve all heard this advice, but it turns out that “gut feeling” is even more important than you may have thought. While it’s no surprise that gut health plays a crucial role in digestion, that is far from its only purpose. A healthy gut supports the body’s immune system, improves mental health … Read more

Don’t Ignore GI Issues

A man holding his gut. Take care of your GI tract.

Just about everyone has, at one time or another, used the expression, “I feel it in my gut.” Most of the time, all that means is that the speaker has had a hunch. But, if and when the time comes that you actually do “feel it in your gut,” you should consult a board-certified gastroenterologist … Read more