‘I Never Get Sick’ A Community Of Friends And Experts Explores Why

Illustration: Never get sick? Maybe it's your genes.

Summerville resident Shirley Berardo has always considered herself remarkably healthy, one of those “good genes” people whose immune systems are robust. During childhood, she never missed school; when her sons came home with viruses, she didn’t get sick, and now, at 82, she is prescription-free and happily immersed in an active life. When Berardo located … Read more

The Rise in Senior Luxury Living

A luxury senior living facility

As baby boomers age – the last of the generation will turn 65 in 2030 – the demand for senior housing is on the rise. And many seniors are flocking to luxury communities featuring the amenities of an elegant high-end resort while offering first-class health care services. Nestled on over 100 acres of lush landscape, … Read more

The Alzheimer’s Association Welcomes a New Era of Treatment

Alzheimer's Association SC Walk photo

On July 6, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted traditional approval of Leqembi for the treatment of early Alzheimer’s disease, signifying a new era of treatment for individuals diagnosed with the disease. “This is the first traditional approval of an Alzheimer’s treatment that changes the underlying course of the disease by slowing its progression,” … Read more

Clear as a Bell: Working to Help Decrease Health Disparities

Sadly, outcomes for Black patients are usually better when they are treated by Black doctors

You might recognize Dr. Thaddeus John Bell from local TV commercials promoting the COVID vaccine for Black people. Or maybe you saw him recently speaking to local news anchors about health disparities among the Black population. HealthLinks highlighted Dr. Bell’s professional trajectory pre-pandemic, in early 2020, and a lot has changed since then. A primary … Read more

Gilston Insurance: 60 Years and Counting

Illustration showing that insurance helps pay for health expenses that pile up.

When David M. Gilston began selling insurance in Charleston in 1962, he had no official name, no clients, no office and no standard hours – and he made calls door-to-door any time day or night. He did, however, have an idea to build his efforts into a name people would trust. That idea soon became … Read more