Alice’s Clubhouse: Making a Tough Job a Little Easier

Outside photo of Alice’s Clubhouse on Bowman Road in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Being a caregiver is tough. Being a caregiver for someone with memory loss can be really tough. Alice’s Clubhouse, the first medical model memory care day center in the Lowcountry, was created five years ago to help those with memory loss and their caregivers to live calmer, better and more fulfilling lives. “The Clubhouse is … Read more

Grip Strength Can Indicate How Well You Are Aging: Get a Grip on Your Health

Grip strength exercisers

Whether we like to admit it or not, as we age, we lose muscle mass and our immune system weakens, making us more vulnerable to illness. But there is a simple and proven biomarker to assess how fast we are aging and whether we need to take steps to improve our health and wellness. Multiple … Read more

Dementia Live Experience at Mount Pleasant Gardens Alzheimer’s Special Care Center

Dementia Live Experience partpicipants at Mount Pleasant Gardens Alzheimer’s Special Care Center

As you walk around the room, your vision appears fuzzy, and you can only see what’s directly ahead of you. A cacophony of voices distracts you, and overstimulation makes focusing difficult. You’ve been assigned a series of seemingly simple tasks like buttoning up three buttons on a shirt, folding four pillowcases and stacking measuring cups, … Read more

Vaccines for People Aged 50 and Older


Influenza (flu) • All adults, regardless of age, should receive the vaccine. • It’s given once a year because the virus changes itself. • Seniors are most vulnerable. • The flu can lead to hospitalization and even death. • Studies show the vaccination can reduce the risk of illness by 40% to 60%. Pneumococcal vaccine … Read more

Grandparenting is Good for Your Health


My mother’s parents were the epitome of genteel, God-fearing country folk who eventually sold their farm “down under the hill” and retired to a charming little white bungalow just a quick walk down our country road. They were always available, kind and supportive and, most importantly, interested in whatever I wanted to share with them. … Read more