Ensuring Healthcare Insurance Is A Match For You

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Navigating health insurance is confusing: It’s often hard to know exactly who you are dealing with, what kind of coverage you are paying for and how to keep up with policy changes and costs year after year.

For all these reasons, Ann Miller formed Healthcare Solution Benefits, not only with the intention of making it all much simpler to understand but to provide her clients with individual attention, with their well-being and welfare always as the focus.

“Doing the right thing for my clients is paramount,” said Miller, who began the company in 2014 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. “And I wanted to be an advocate for individuals, finding solutions for their needs without trying to sell them plans they didn’t need.”

For example, suppose you are considering signing up for Medicare. What are your options? Or, if you are one of the 60.6 million Americans now covered and are not happy with your plan, can you voluntarily sign out of it?

Miller and her team will explain options, advantages and consequences and get you through every part of what can seem a daunting feat to conquer alone.

“I always advise people to talk to a specialist for Medicare and any insurance needs they are considering,” Miller said. “It is impossible for individuals to keep up with the laws, rules and subsidies.”

Match With These Providers

To this end, Miller takes 12 to 15 exams annually with every insurance company she finds that has a competitive edge over another.

“This allows me to not only give my clients the best and most current advice but allows each one of them a window into plans that will fit their budget and their current health needs,” she said. “Plans change based on the area and region they live in.”

Miller’s focus comes from having to manage the insurance needs of her own elderly mom and dad who “knew nothing about their own insurance.”

“It was overwhelming and confusing,” she said. “But it gave me an opportunity to not only be an advocate for my parents but to my clients who have become like family.”

In the past eight years, Miller has seen her business expand to five states, including both North Carolina and South Carolina. She now has more than 2,000 clients, mostly through word-of-mouth.

“I was Ann’s first customer,” said Helen Bretzik, a retired Pennsylvania resident. “She and her staff take time to get personal with you – she still calls me yearly and says, ‘I found a cheaper plan for you,’ and it always seems to work out.”

Miller added that rather than telling her clients what to do, she guides them through the “health insurance fog” to make the most suitable decision possible for themselves.

“I ensure that my clients are in a good place with the plan they ultimately choose without telling them what they need,” she said. “My goal is to learn about them and their unique circumstances and give them confidence to make an informed decision for themselves.”

For more information, visit hcsb.biz.

By L. C. Leach III

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