Hearing Problems Can Become Memory Problems

A mature couple dancing at home. Photo courtesy of Holy City Hearing.

Difficulty hearing can contribute to memory problems because much of the brain is spent deciphering and processing sound. During a spoken exchange, “the frontal lobe is working in overdrive to figure out what might have been said, using context and lip reading,” said hearing specialist and Holy City Hearing co-owner Derrick Woods. “It’s occupied with … Read more

Be Heard by Your Hearing Care Providers

Stock photo: woman at hearing aid fitting

Holy City Hearing co-owners Nancy and Derrick Woods can personally relate to their clients’ experiences with hearing loss. In fact, Derrick was their first customer, having struggled with hearing issues since he was a toddler. “Unlike lots of providers, both of us understand the impact of hearing loss on people’s lives and what it means … Read more

Signs of Meniere’s Disease

Woman wearing hearing aid - Meniere’s Disease

Its name is tricky to pronounce, its arrival is signaled by vertigo and tinnitus and, as it progresses, its presence tends to worsen with hearing loss, imbalance and the sensation of internal ear pressure. It is known as Ménière’s disease, one of the lesser chronic disorders but a condition that can lead to complete hearing … Read more

The Improvements in Hearing Aids Over the Years

Illustration: an elderly man with a hearing dificit

“What? What did you say? I can’t hear you.” For some people, especially older adults, those are familiar refrains. Hearing loss can be frustrating – both for people who have difficulty hearing and for their family, friends and co-workers. But there’s no reason to suffer in silence. With advances in technology, even today’s basic digital … Read more

Getting the Best Hearing Aids

A patient gets a hearing evaluation for hearing aids.

By Janet E. Perrigo Remember the days of bulky, awkward hearing aids with batteries that were always dying and with feedback levels that were frequently a source of major aggravation? My children’s grandfather often relegated his earpiece to his front shirt pocket because he found the device to be more troublesome than it was worth. … Read more