Be Heard by Your Hearing Care Providers

Stock photo: woman at hearing aid fitting

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Holy City Hearing co-owners Nancy and Derrick Woods can personally relate to their clients’ experiences with hearing loss. In fact, Derrick was their first customer, having struggled with hearing issues since he was a toddler.

“Unlike lots of providers, both of us understand the impact of hearing loss on people’s lives and what it means to improve that hearing for all that they come in contact with,” said Derrick.

“You know, the person with the hearing loss has one experience of frustration and the loved ones have another experience,” Nancy added.

She and Derrick understand it from the perspective of the person with hearing loss and also from the family’s point of view.

Their company is one of the few privately-run mom-and-pop shops not owned by a single manufacturer, giving them the freedom to select their choice of manufacturer.

“So we have more flexibility than most,” Derrick stated.

Match With These Providers

Holy City Hearing provides free evaluations to determine if a hearing problem requires medical attention or can be addressed through hearing aids or devices. If the answer is the latter, they match a hearing system with a person’s hearing loss, lifestyle, brain and budget to find the device that is the right fit.

“And we take care of our patients’ hearing from then on,” said Derrick. “That includes routine maintenance, cleaning of the hearing system, reprogramming, and coaching and counseling. We’re in constant contact with our patients.”

With the holidays approaching, the Woods’ noted that it’s a great time to address hearing loss. People with hearing difficulties may want to isolate themselves because of the problem, but addressing the situation before the holidays can mean more quality time spent with family.

For more information, call 843-388-4853 or visit holycityhearing.com.

By Colin McCandless

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