Sleigh Bells Ring – Are You Listening?

Holy City Hearing Staff

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The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many generations apart for almost two years now, but a semblance of normalcy is finally on the horizon as winter approaches. With the holidays right around the corner, many families are finally feeling safe enough to gather once again. The excitement for the festivities, hugging loved ones and breaking bread together is almost palpable. There is much to catch up on and lots of news to share. Because the pandemic created a profound need for connection, the 2021 holiday season promises to be one for the ages.

Seniors who have opted out of gatherings for fear of COVID-19 are getting their boosters and preparing to visit loved ones for the first time in a long time. Due to the isolation of the pandemic, these seniors may not realize that their hearing may have deteriorated since they were last in a group setting.

“Hearing loss is generally a slow and insidious process,” said Nancy Woods, customer care manager of Holy City Hearing in Mount Pleasant. “Because deterioration occurs over a long period of time, the individual becomes accustomed to accommodating the loss and may not realize how bad their hearing has become, especially if they have been isolated, as many seniors have.”

Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions for aging adults. Reasons for hearing loss range from age-related diseases to prolonged exposure to loud noise, head or ear trauma, infections, medications and hereditary or congenital conditions. No matter the cause of hearing loss, those that experience difficulties hearing usually become overwhelmed in social settings. They find it difficult to participate in conversations, even with those closest to them, which can ultimately lead to reduced social activity, withdrawal, depression and even loss of cognitive function.

“The great news for those hoping to reconnect with family and friends this holiday season is that many of the issues experienced due to untreated hearing loss can be halted and, in some cases, reversed when the individual is fitted with bilateral hearing aids,” added Derrick Woods, Holy City Hearing’s owner, operator and hearing aid specialist – who also happens to be a customer. “Having struggled with hearing problems since I was a toddler, I know firsthand what it’s like to live with hearing loss and what hearing aids can do for a person’s quality of life.”

Focusing on individuals and their specific needs, Holy City Hearing offers comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations and hearing tests, including video otoscopy for detailed viewing of the ear canal and computerized hearing aid analysis. It sells affordable technologically-advanced hearing aids and offers cleaning, maintenance and repair services for a wide range of listening devices. In addition to working directly with customers to select the ideal hearing aid, Holy City Hearing also offers follow-up fine tuning visits to ensure users get the biggest return on their investment.

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“Because there is an emotional element to the process of seeking out hearing solutions and a potential learning curve for users, we host seminars for groups and organizations, including support groups, about hearing aids and hearing loss,” Derrick Woods continued. “Our commitment to seniors, our community and our products speaks for itself, and our passion for helping our customers live their lives to the fullest fuels everything that we do at Holy City Hearing.”

To learn more, visit holycityhearing.com or call 843-388-4853.

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