Better Life Carolinas in Mount Pleasant, SC
Better Life Carolinas in Mount Pleasant, SC
Better Life Carolinas in Mount Pleasant, SC

Better Life Carolinas

The Better Life program by Dr. Barber empowers patients with information about their health and wellness, and most importantly, puts in place a plan for the future. Most of us have a financial plan, but very few have a health plan. Our greatest asset is our health, and setting goals to manage our health plan is vital. Better Life wants to partner with you to make the right choices for optimal health. Taking medication to treat disease is reactionary. The real focus should be on lifestyle changes. Most of us know we need to lose weight, exercise, eat better, and quit smoking. Unfortunately, very few of us understand how to get out of the rut we tend to fall into. Our experienced team will design custom programs to empower you to make this life change for the long haul.

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Better Life Carolinas Seeks to Optimize Wellness
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    Patient Testimonials

    Before Better Life Carolinas, I lacked the energy, concentration, and sleep necessary for me to effectively and efficiently run my company. The transformation I’ve felt over the last year has truly been life changing, improving my productivity as well as my overall health. Thank you Dr. Barber!

    John Adair, President, Endeavor Insurance Services

    Performance in a company atmosphere is accumulated knowledge coupled with energy and focus. The Better Life Carolinas program has greatly improved all three areas in my corporate life – literally the best investment yielding the best return that I have made in some time.

    Joe A. Hollingsworth, Jr. , CEO of The Hollingsworth Companies


    Better Life Carolinas
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