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“You don’t have to do this life and health journey alone.”

“Being alone in our own heads can be so isolating,” explained health coach Suzi, who prefers to use only her first name for privacy reasons. “They can’t break out of [a limiting] mentality. That’s what I’m here for.”

A coach brings a “what if” into your thinking that allows you to see a different point of view, one that invites you to recognize the opportunity in your life and the potential of immense goodness.

Suzi offers health and wellness coaching customized to the lifestyle and goals of her clients. Her journey in the health care industry has stretched from administration to clinical work, ranging from the operating room to the classroom.

“I wanted to know everything from the ground up,” she said.

In her custom programs, clients have an opportunity to dive even deeper into their health and obtain answers to their questions, connecting them with providers to test for food sensitivities and allergies and hormone and thyroid functioning. The test results can be shared with their traditional health care provider.

Match With These Providers

She works alongside doctors, in addition to integrating testing results with a client’s experiences and goals.

“All of these things are synergistically working,” she points out.

Being a seasoned coach, educator and health care professional in various disciplines and medical offices, Suzi knows what to listen for from her clients. In addition to conventionally accepted signals of health issues, she integrates the day-to-day experiences of clients, getting to know their eating and sleeping habits, stress levels and other observations.

Coach Suzi gives people back the voice they may have lost in the traditional medicine setting.

“I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader,” she explained, describing how she listens – more. “I’m going to ground them, bring that stability and offer support.”

In this journey of health and wellness, she serves as a guide in a process that can “be so arduous,” being there to eliminate some of the guesswork and be someone to “bounce ideas off of.”

Suzi is pushing back against trends she does not find to be useful in health care, such as the lack of flexibility in prescribing treatments.

“I’ve seen the results of all this and how it’s hardened medicine,” observed Suzi. “People want alternatives; they want options – and they should have them.”

With a background as unique as her clients and programs, Coach Suzi brings the wisdom, knowledge and discernment to help her clients succeed.

“Everything I’ve been through in life has led to this point,” she said, acknowledging that he still gets chills saying that.

If you are interested in getting to know Coach Suzi in a free initial consultation, visit healthcoachsuzi.com.

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