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See Dr. Yusuf Saleeby of Carolina Holistic Medicine. Carolina Holistic Medicine has offices in Mount Pleasant and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

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Restoring your health and wellness using predictive biomarker testing, proper nutrition and hormone balance, Carolina Holistic Medicine embodies the concept of the whole person, using functional medicine that brings the physical and mental aspects of your life into equilibrium.

Yusuf Saleeby, M.D., a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, is a thyroid specialist who believes that being healthy and well as a whole person requires preventive medicine protocols to avoid degenerative disease and long-term chronic illness.

After a two-decade career in emergency medicine, he also held posts in occupational medicine, urgent care and as a family physician. Currently, he practices integrative and functional health and wellness at Carolina Holistic Medicine, which has offices in Mount Pleasant and Murrells Inlet and has been offering telemedicine since 2013.

Using preventive medicine protocols, Dr. Saleeby and his team of advanced providers will put you first and will guide you on your journey to wellness. Whether it is chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease or environmental exposures, Dr. Saleeby’s team will work hard to get and keep you well.

Dr. Saleeby established a nonprofit academy to train and teach others in what he calls “a reformed functional medicine model.”

Commenting on the No. 1 reason for pursuing solutions using holistic medicine, Dr. Saleeby said he finds that many patients seeking care are frustrated with the limitations of the insurance-based model of mainstream medicine offered today.

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He also said he has observed that the new paradigm of functional medicine solves the problems of chronic illness by getting to the root causes, not by masking them with medications, surgeries and biologics.

Dr. Saleeby and his team, which he has trained and credentialed, provide exemplary, precision and personalized care. No two treatment plans are ever the same because they focus on what it will take to make their patients well again.

To learn more, visit www.carolinaholisticmedicine.com.

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