Deep Brain Stimulation Revolutionizes Treatment

ILLUSTRATION: Deep Brain Stimulation

In the summer of 2011, when U.S. resident Yoheved Hasson began feeling involuntary shaking in her left leg, she soon learned from a local neurologist that she had Parkinson’s disease. Several years later, after trying prescription medications and other treatments to no avail, she was told by doctors that her only hope for recovery was … Read more

Tongue Biting In Your Sleep: A Sign Of Something More?

A woman, covering her mouth, lies in bed after biting her tongue

Sleep is a fundamental component of our daily lives. A good night’s sleep allows your brain and body to slow down and engage in the process of recovery. Your body is able to repair cells and control its use of energy. However, for some individuals, the bliss of slumber can be interrupted by a rather … Read more

Tai Chi: Moving Meditation

I first became curious about tai chi several years ago while observing a small group practicing the ancient martial art in a nearby park. Much like moving through water, they flowed slowly and gracefully through a sequence of choreographed movements with intense focus. Tai chi originated in China during the 16th century. Its physical and … Read more

Tips for Protecting Memory

Photo of an older woman with her arms crossed looking in the distance

Einstein called it deceptive, Spanish artist Salvador Dali dedicated a painting to its persistence and U.S. writer William S. Burroughs once claimed that it kept people trapped within their own pasts. They were all speaking of the human memory, how it affects people’s outlook, perspective and their ability of recall. As the U.S. population keeps … Read more

Neurological Care in the Upstate

Group cutting the ribbon of the new Diane Collins Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Kathleen Woschkolup, director of neurology at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, said the opening of the new Diane Collins Neuroscience Institute in Greenville was a dream come true. That’s the impression other physicians and therapists, as well as patients, may have about the $8 million institute that opened in early June. The reason? … Read more

Treatments for Pinched Nerves

Man with neck pain - Pinched Nerve

For the vast majority of people suffering from a pinched nerve, the typical advice of rest, limited movement of the affected area and alternating ice and heat packs can solve the problem in a matter of hours or days. In some cases, pinched nerves will resolve on their own within four to six weeks, and … Read more