Freezing Eggs Holds Biological Clock

Tick. Tick. Tick. The biological clock is an alarming, continuous ghost that haunts many women who want to have children, especially those who are sailing through the business world and other priorities well into their 30s. The clock is an ominous reference to the fact that the number of viable eggs that women produce declines … Read more

From Mother to Baby

Photo of pregnant woman who is holding her belly

During pregnancy, women have a weakened immune system that can leave them more vulnerable to contracting infectious diseases and transferring them to their baby. Knowing how to prevent and treat these maladies can help decrease potential risks to newborns. Lesley Rathbun, owner of Charleston Birth Place and a family nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife, … Read more

More Female OB-GYNs

For many patients, the quality of their OB-GYN care and their preference for a woman tops their list of considerations when they search for their ideal doctor. A female OB-GYN, local patients note, identifies better with their concerns and they are not as hard to find as they were to five to 10 years ago. … Read more

When Unexpected Care is the Best Care

Dr. Lori Huff of East Cooper Medical Center

Katie McElveen had a smooth experience with her first son and wanted to have another child soon after so the siblings would be close in age. She and her husband, Donny, moved to Charleston during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Katie was supposed to deliver at East Cooper Medical Center in November of 2020. In October, … Read more

Endometriosis and Pregnancy

Graphic Womens' Health

For too many years, the importance of understanding and treating women with reproductive problems sat low on most doctors’ list of medical priorities. It was almost as if the accompanying pain and misery experienced monthly by countless women were part of the biblical curse laid upon Eve in the garden – to be expected and … Read more